The Brutal Kimberly Guilfoyle & Kristi Noem Comparisons Just Won't Stop

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Kristi Noem are both controversial and polarizing women, so it's little surprise they're often juxtaposed. Still, some pretty brutal comparisons are being made between the two, and they just keep on coming. Noem's close relationship with Donald Trump has contributed significantly to her rise in notoriety — along with some highly controversial political moves and claims she's made. Oh, and the little matter of confessing in her memoir that she once shot her rambunctious puppy dead. 

Similarly, Guilfoyle's close relationship with Donald Trump Jr., and a slew of highly controversial political speeches she's given, have also resulted in her celebrity profile skyrocketing. Not to mention the accusations of some pretty shady, inappropriate, and gross workplace behavior that reportedly resulted in Rupert Murdoch insisting that she was fired from Fox News.

Still, it's not just their ties to the Trumps and their problematic actions and viewpoints contributing to the many similitudes that detractors are drawing between the two women. There are some comparisons being made that are way more unmerciful, and not surprisingly — given Noem and Guilfoyle's XX chromosomes — misogynistic in nature. For instance, many of the nastiest correlations stem from the duo's physical appearance and attributes, such as the plastic surgery rumors that have plagued Guilfoyle ever since her relationship with Don Jr. went public, as well as their clothing, their hairstyles and rumored extensions, and their looks in general.

The Noem to Guilfoyle transformation

The Kimberly Guilfoyle and Kristi Noem comparisons keep flooding in, clogging up social media feeds and resulting in a glut of harsh comments, photo composites, and video clips. "Kristi Noem MAGA makeover. Why do they all start to look like Kimberly Guilfoyle?" a person commented on X, formerly Twitter, along with a side-by-side comparison pic of Noem from before Donald Trump took power and her present-day look.

No doubt exists about Noem's startling transformation over the past few years. She has physically metamorphosized from looking like a Midwestern soccer mom with a practical "The Rachel" style hairdo to somebody who could easily be mistaken for a Beverly Hills Real Housewife — or Guilfoyle — with perfectly styled long flowing locks. "Kristi Noem must've spent time at Kimberly Guilfoyle's salon. #snarkin," another commented on X, with a screenshot of Noem showing off some suspiciously long hair while talking on CBS News' "Face The Nation."

Others were even more ruthless, speculating on Noem having undergone cosmetic surgery in addition to having hair extensions fitted. "Can't stand the look," one comment read. "Waaaay more attractive before she tried to emulate the Kimberly Guilfoyle look ... with the extensions, botox, lip fillers, hair parted down the middle, dark smoky eye makeup. It's gross." And, in all fairness, surgery speculation aside, it's difficult not to see the remarkable physical similarities between the two women.

Guilfoyle and Noem's similarities are more than physical

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Kristi Noem comparisons aren't helped by their matching problematic approaches and reactions to issues many find offensive. This hasn't gone unnoticed on X, formerly Twitter. "This is important because Kristi Noem is deep in the process of transitioning into whatever Kimberly Guilfoyle is," somebody commented on a video of Guilfoyle defending Noem's infamous puppy murder confession in her memoir "No Going Back." In the book, Noem justifies killing the puppy because it was too boisterous and "less than worthless to us as a hunting dog. At that moment, I realized I had to put her down."

Guilfoyle and Noem also share a love of #AlternativeFacts and playing fast and loose with the truth. "While promoting her new children's book about a puppy, Kim is asked about her friend Kristi Noem. She says maybe somebody slipped the puppy murder stuff in Noem's book to sabotage her, and she didn't see it or know about it," journalist and attorney Ron Filipkowski commented on a clip of Guilfoyle being interviewed on "Real America."

Even The New York Times jumped on the Noem-Guilfoyle comparison bandwagon in an article titled "The Trumpification of Kristi Noem," noting her transformation evolved in sync with the MAGA movement's growth. "Her hair got longer and longer, with tousled waves kissed by the curling iron, her part moved to the center. She began to resemble a doppelgänger for Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancée," it wrote.