Matchmaker Tells Us Melania's Courtroom Absence Might Not Spell Trouble For Trump Marriage After All

There's been speculation about Donald and Melania Trump's marriage trouble since the beginning. However, conjecture has ramped up significantly as Melania has rarely been seen with Donald since leaving the White House. Then, to top it all off, Melania hasn't been spotted at Donald's many court appearances, seemingly offering her husband no support as he battles legal issues left, right, and center — most notably during Donald's ongoing hush money trial regarding his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels.

One thing's for sure: Melania isn't publicly standing by her man and smiling for photo ops, like many other political wives before her. This has left many questioning whether or not the marriage is contrived and if the two ever really loved each other in the first place. "It's obvious to anyone who isn't a cultist that Trump's relationship with Melania is strictly business & is a marriage in name only. Why hasn't she accompanied him on a single trip in years? They even took separate cars to her mother's funeral. It's a sham like all things Trump," lawyer and journalist Ron Filipkowski wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

But not so fast. Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, told Elasq she believes Melania and Donald's relationship is real and that there are genuine feelings between the two. Trombetti indicated Melania's courtroom absence might not signal that their romance has fizzled entirely.

Melania might be humiliated, but her marriage to Donald seems genuine

Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, told Elasq that Melania Trump's courtroom absence isn't necessarily a sign of impending divorce — but it does indicate that Melania might be upset and that Donald's alleged affairs haven't helped the situation. "I would think the public humiliation of the Stormy Daniels payoff and testimony dampens the romance. It's the story that won't die, and she keeps having to relive it," Trombetti said. "Melania is publicly humiliated by him, and that is never good. That damages the bond they share and damages the relationship. That causes things to fizzle, for sure. This is hard to swallow."

Meanwhile, claims that their marriage is fake persist. "Donald's relationship with Melania was transactional from the get-go, so there's no love lost there," a comment on X read. "The only thing that birther didn't count on was the massive public humiliation that was in store because the slob somehow became president. She deserved every bit of what she got."

Still, Trombetti believes there were genuine feelings between the couple. "I would like to think that Melania and Donald were in love. Although people marry for other reasons sometimes, I think they must have thought they were," she said, noting that although the dynamic between them did appear to be money and power matched with youth and beauty, there appears to something more between them — something that's kept their union intact for nearly 20 years.

Donald and Melania have remained together despite previous divorce predictions

Susan Trombetti also told Elasq Melania Trump's courtroom absence doesn't necessarily mean her marriage to Donald Trump is in trouble. And as for their relationship being purely transactional? "Melania could find any man with power and money. She must have felt something for him, and he is charming. Regarding her and Trump's love for each other, she is the first person he calls when he has a serious decision to make," Trombetti said, noting "that shows a committed mindset between them, which shows something deep."

Trombetti also cast doubt on rumors that Melania's planning a divorce because of Donald's alleged cheating. She said they've worked through similar problems in the past and still remained together. "Melania must be desensitized to an extent to Stormy Daniels," Trombetti said. However, she believes one sticking point could end Donald and Melania's marriage: the 2024 presidential election.

"If he loses and becomes absorbed and lives and obsessively breathes this again, perhaps the marriage doesn't survive," Trombetti said. "That could be the breaking point along with the grief from her mother's death." Still, Trombetti admitted she'd thought they'd split as soon as Donald left office, but they remained married. "She is still with him, although she isn't beside him in court," Trombetti said. "So I think they will stay together for some time because she will do it for Barron even if she feels like leaving."