Red Flags RHOBH Stars Dorit And PK Kemsley's Marriage Would Never Last

Relationships can be a real Beverly Beach — while a marriage might start out as a success story there's always a chance the media will someday question whether it exists at all, just like Dorit Kemsley's swimwear brand. For years, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member and Paul "PK" Kemsley weathered rumors about their marriage being on the rocks. The Kemsleys previously denied separation speculation, but there were just too many red flags pointing to the predictable outcome that the pair announced on May 9.

In an Instagram post, Dorit wrote, in part, "To safeguard our deep friendship and maintain a harmonious environment for our children we have made the mutual and difficult decision to take some time apart." News of the couple's split came less than three months after they appeared together on "Bravo's Hot Mic" podcast. One tiny red flag was raised when PK tempered some praise for Dorit by immediately following it with a critical comment. "She talks a lot, right? And it's difficult to get a word in," he said. Moments later Dorit got her own little dig in when she revealed that PK struggles with his role on "RHOBH" because it's secondary to her own. "Me saying that it's my show or him not being at level with me has been a bone of contention," she stated. But when PK pursued his own notoriety, Dorit ended up feeling abandoned.

PK Kemsley's absence upset Dorit Kemsley after she was robbed

In 2021, Dorit Kemsley survived a traumatic armed home invasion. Unfortunately, her husband was not around to provide the comfort and support she desperately needed after her terrifying ordeal. "He was traveling the most that year, and it was the year I needed him the most ... it definitely took a toll," she said on Page Six's "Virtual Reali-Tea" podcast. PK Kemsley is a real estate developer who hails from London, and during a 2024 episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," it was revealed that he spent 39 days in The Big Smoke — much to his wife's displeasure. "It feels like he's never going to take me seriously and be as present as I need him to be when I need him," Dorit said in a confessional (via Entertainment Tonight). On "Bravo's Hot Mic," Dorit shared that she felt like distance was highly detrimental to her marriage. "We're not good when we're not doing everything together," she said. However, PK chimed in to say he enjoys being in London because he has many family members and friends there.

Across the pond, PK busied himself with his own reality series, "Selling Super Houses." However, it was canceled after one season in April 2024, freeing up some space in his calendar. But it seems his absence wasn't his only marital issue; he and Dorit also needed to work on their communication skills.

PK Kemsley didn't take Dorit Kemsley's PTSD seriously enough

In a 2023 episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Dorit Kemsley revealed that she got robbed again when some thieves snuck off with her purse while she was shopping. "That threw me right back into the throes of PTSD," she said. Dorit also confessed that she "didn't feel as connected" to PK Kemsley as she used to.

One of the couple's biggest issues was PK's lack of empathy for the PTSD Dorit started experiencing after her first robbery. During a therapy session that was filmed for a January 2024 episode of "RHOBH," PK admitted that he wasn't buying some of his wife's claims about the symptoms she was struggling with. "[There are] elements that I don't consider are PTSD. I consider they're more obnoxious," he said, per People. He also complained about Dorit being too "high maintenance" and expressed annoyance over her attempt to have a discussion with him about her anxiety during their anniversary party.

An awkward exchange about Dorit's second robbery was another clear sign of the pair's disconnect. On "Bravo's Hot Mic" podcast, Dorit was flabbergasted to learn from PK that one of the thieves had been caught and that PK had spoken to the criminal's probation officer about getting restitution for the $10,000 that was stolen. "PK, honey, why am I not involved? ... I just love that I'm learning about this now," she said.