The Stunning Transformation Of Michael Jackson's Son, Prince

The late Michael Jackson's children have grown into successful adults right before our eyes. The legendary King of Pop may have tragically left us in 2009, but his three children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket (who now goes by Bigi), have continued to carry on his massive legacy. His oldest child, Prince, had a private childhood, much like his siblings, but he's since come out of the woodwork. He's evolved into an educated and talented individual with a world of opportunity in front of him, and he's gone on to be a part of several projects in the entertainment industry. 

Growing up with such big shoes to fill couldn't have been easy for Prince, who was just 12 years old when his father died of cardiac arrest in the midst of preparing for his "This Is It Tour." As a child, he didn't understand the enormity of Michael's immense celebrity status, something he hopes will be celebrated in an upcoming biopic about the "Thriller" artist set to release in 2025. Prince has worked closely with the production team and his cousin Jaafar, who is set to take on the role of the King of Pop. 

While Prince may not be a singer or a dancer, he's found his way to make an impact on his community. From his philanthropic mission to helping spread his father's spirit, he's come a long way from being the star-studded baby the paparazzi were dying to get a picture of. Here's a look at the stunning transformation of Michael Jackson's son, Prince.

Prince Jackson's 'unique' experience growing up at Neverland Ranch

Prince Jackson had a once-in-a-lifetime childhood in a place unlike any other. Michael's eldest son grew up alongside his siblings at Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, California. The sprawling estate was designed to be not only the King of Pop's residence but also a theme park for children. Due to red tape regarding zoning regulations and the location, Michael's dream never came to fruition. It did become a giant playground for his three children, however, who got to enjoy private attractions such as rides, a zoo full of exotic animals, and a train station.

During an episode of "Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson," Prince spoke about what it was like to live in a theme park as a child. "[It was] very, very interesting. And as I've gotten older, I've grown to appreciate how unique and interesting it was," he shared. The philanthropist also spoke about the number of animals his father acquired, which included orangutans, elephants, tigers, and lions. "[My dad] loved animals when he was a kid," he said. "I think his first pets were two rats. As he was making more money and more music, he was able to buy more animals," he explained.

Neverland Ranch has a dark history, however, and the Jackson clan was forced to leave the estate in 2005. At the time, Michael was acquitted of child molestation charges that individuals alleged occurred at the property. After the singer's death in 2009, Prince and his siblings were raised in Los Angeles by their paternal grandmother, Katherine. 

Prince Jackson spent his childhood mostly out of the spotlight

Despite Michael Jackson being one of the most-watched celebrities of his time, he managed to keep his children far from the public eye. Jackson grew to dislike the media attention, and he did his best to shield his kids from the limelight. Prince, Paris, and Bigi were often seen covered in hoodies or strange types of masks amid the prying eyes of the paparazzi. 

Prince's sheltered life also involved home-schooling until 2010, when he and his siblings enrolled in a private school in Los Angeles. While most of his life was spent outside of the public eye, Prince became more comfortable in public following the King of Pop's death. He, Paris, and Bigi even went door to door in 2010 in an attempt to convert individuals to become Jehovah's Witnesses, following in the footsteps of their religious father. "Growing up, Michael did it, too. It's an important part of their faith," a source told Fox News. "Nobody even seems to know it is them."

Being kept out of the spotlight meant that Prince didn't fully grasp his father's legendary status until he was about 10 or 11 years old when he would see people faint in his presence. "I asked my dad I'm like, 'Why were they fainting? I see you every day and I don't faint,'" he told Fox Soul. He continued to learn about his father's influence as time went on. "It's really more like there was little seeds, as I was growing up and getting older," Prince shared.

Jackson's battled rumors about Michael being his biological father for years

Prince Jackson and his siblings have battled rumors for years regarding whether or not the King of Pop is their biological father. Several conspiracy theories have surfaced since Michael's passing in June of 2009, all of which point to a sperm donor being involved in the children's conception with his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. 

Mark Lester, a British actor and a longtime family friend of the Jackson family, came forward in May of 2013 with some shocking claims. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Lester claimed that the "Smooth Criminal" singer sought out his help in being a sperm donor after experiencing fertility struggles. "'Michael set it up for me to turn up to a clinic in Harley Street to do it. It was weird. I went in a couple of times to donate but we never talked about it ever again," he shared. Attorneys for the Jackson family have denied the allegations. 

Another theory suggested that Rowe's former boss and Michael's doctor, Arnold Klein, could be the father. The doctor fueled the rumors when he posted an old driver's license photo alongside a photo of Prince with the caption "Hmmmmm." Prince responded to a Rowe-Klein theory supporter on X (formerly Twitter), writing, "'The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb' I was raised by my dad with my brother and sister." The tweet didn't deny the idea of a sperm donor in play and instead gave fans the idea that he and his father may not be blood-related.

Prince became a guest correspondent for Entertainment Tonight

While Prince Jackson may not be able to sing and dance, he didn't let that stop him from getting his feet wet in the entertainment business. The eldest Jackson child made a decisive career move in 2013 when he turned 16, taking on a job as a guest correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. "I'm looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor," he told ET's Brooke Anderson at the time (via CNN). 

His first job on the assignment was interviewing Hollywood stars James Franco, Zach Braff, and Sam Raimi about their roles in the 2013 film "Oz the Great and Powerful." It was a big change for Jackson, who is used to being on the other side of the camera. "[People are] always asking me questions," he told Anderson, adding, "I feel that it would be different to ask them a question, [that would be] a great way to get insight into the business." 

As for who he wanted to interview next, Jackson already had a person in mind. "Probably Peter Jackson because I love his movies. 'Lord of the Rings,' 'The Hobbit,' and 'King Kong,'" he told Anderson (via Page Six). "I just love the way he shoots [and how] he brings things and depicts it back to life." Jackson admitted he used to study Peter's films alongside his father by muting them to focus on cinematography. 

He took on several roles in the film industry

After his guest correspondent gig with Entertainment Tonight, Prince Jackson went on to get even more experience in the industry. Shortly after the job, he guest-starred in an episode of "90210" during Season 5 as his character Cooper. Fans were thrilled to see Michael's eldest son following in his footsteps in the entertainment business, with one fan commenting on a clip from the episode: "Hey he was good! I would like him to do more acting if that feels good for him."

Prince took on a behind-the-scenes role when he produced the Swedish short "Nano: Hold On," a drama film that was released in 2017. He also produced the music video "Your Look (Glorious)," which starred his sister Paris Jackson and her former boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn. Paris and Glenn previously made up the band The Soundflowers before they split in 2020.

Prince received a business degree

Prince Jackson marked a major milestone when he graduated with a business degree from Loyola Marymount University. Jackson announced the news on his Instagram in May of 2019, posting a series of photos alongside university staff and friends on the special occasion. 

"Yesterday I graduated from @loyolamarymount Cum Laude in the school of business with a focus on entrepreneurship," he wrote. "I met so many people and learned so much that the experience alone is worth it." He went on to thank his cousins Tito, Taryl, and Taj Jackson for helping him push through when he was nearing his breaking point. "Honestly I can't tell you if all of it was worth it yet but I am proud of my degree as I believe it is a testament to my dedication and discipline," he added.

Prince's brother Bigi (formerly known as Blanket) and his grandmother Katherine were there to support him on his big day. As of the time of writing, it appears that Prince is the only one to achieve a college degree out of his siblings. While Bigi may follow in his footsteps, Paris reportedly dropped out of Loyola Marymount after two years to pursue a modeling career following high school. 

Prince met his longtime girlfriend while in college

Prince Jackson not only walked out of Loyola Marymount with a bachelor's degree but with a girlfriend as well. Jackson has been dating his long-time girlfriend, Molly Schirmang, for several years after meeting in 2017 at the university. 

According to Us Weekly, Schirmang isn't fazed by her boyfriend's fame, either. "Molly doesn't care about Prince's fame or who his family is," an insider told the publication, adding that she's met and gotten along with Bigi and Paris. Prince and Molly have kept their relationship very low-profile, but he did bring her along to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation's Blue Diamond Gala in 2019. The couple also dressed up as Princess Peach and Mario for the Thriller Halloween Party in 2022. The annual event raises funds for Prince's charity, the Heal Los Angeles Foundation, as well as the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation. 

On Prince and Molly's fifth anniversary, he posted a tribute to his girlfriend on Instagram. "5 year[s] together," he wrote. "Lots of trips, miles, smiles, meals, desserts and all kinds of adventures in between. Love you babs." Not much is known about the couple's future plans, especially since Prince isn't one to publicize his personal life. "Prince keeps his love life to himself," an insider told the Daily Mail (per Hola!). "They seemed very settled and under the radar. They don't pursue that desire to go to Hollywood events or hang with A-listers really. They like their friend circle, hanging with friends and dates in The Valley," the source added.

He co-founded a charity

Prince Jackson is a philanthropist at heart, and he's putting his platform to good use. While studying at Loyola Marymount, Jackson co-founded a student-run organization alongside John Muto called Heal Los Angeles in 2016. The organization sought to put an end to underprivileged individuals in Los Angeles by raising money to combat homelessness, child abuse, and hunger. Eventually, Heal Los Angeles grew into an official non-profit, and Muto and Jackson implemented programs to serve their community on a larger scale. 

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Heal Los Angeles partnered with the meal delivery service Fresh N' Lean to help deliver healthy meals to the underserved in his community. "This is only the beginning for us and we are here to help our communities grow and thrive," Jackson wrote on his Instagram in 2020. His effort to help others was something he learned from his father, who made it a mission to help those around him. "I would like to think that [my dad would be] be very proud, because I think this was one of his main goals — not only to spread his message of positivity and happiness, but to see it enacted in his kids," Jackson told Entertainment Tonight. "As a father, I think that's what you want to do when you raise kids. You're preparing them for the world and the type of person they're going to be."

Prince continues to keep his father's legacy alive

If there's one thing Prince Jackson is committed to, it's honoring his father's legacy. Jackson has kept the King of Pop's spirit alive in everything he does, including being a part of the upcoming biopic about Michael set to premiere in 2025. Prince has been stopping by the set of "Michael" during production, as his cousin Jafaar is taking on the role of the "Billie Jean" singer. 

The Loyola Marymount graduate posted an Instagram photo alongside a production meeting sign, writing, "@gkfilms got me Workin Day N Night." While it's unclear whether Prince is working directly with production or simply tagging along for the filming process, he's been enjoying every second of reliving his father's glory days. "Working on my father's biopic, you meet so many people who knew him at a time when I wasn't even born yet," he told news station KTLA 5.  "And you get to learn about this man that I grew up with that I love. But I get to see him in a new light. I get to see what it was like working with him or what it was like being his friend. It's just such a gratifying experience for me."

Prince posted a photo of Jafaar from the set of the upcoming film where he looks almost identical to the singer. "This photo was taken by my dad's concert photographer @kevinmazur who was there for my dad's last rehearsal and Jaafar's first performance!" he wrote on Instagram

Prince and his siblings reunited for a rare public appearance

Prince, Paris, and Bigi Jackson came together in 2024 for a red carpet appearance at "MJ: The Musical." The siblings are rarely seen in public all together, but reunited at the Prince Edward Theatre in London that March to honor their late father. 

The reunion came amidst Bigi's legal fight with his grandmother Katherine, whom he filed a lawsuit against in an attempt to block her from using money from Michael's estate to fund her ongoing legal battles. Katherine is believed to be in an ongoing lawsuit against the estate involving selling a portion of Michael's music catalogs to Sony. 

While Prince and his siblings may be pursuing different avenues, the surviving Jackson children have found that their differences only bring them closer together. "It's more [that] we're all siblings and we're kind of all on that same level where my sister has her strengths, and my brother has his strengths, and where I'm not as strong in certain areas, they complement me in that way," he told People in 2021.

Despite their busy life and responsibilities, Prince, Paris, and Bigi continue to show up for each other. "Any moment that I get to spend with my siblings now, especially as we're getting older and our own lives are starting to blossom and grow, every moment that I get with them, any little family dinner, any family outing, is really a special moment," he shared.