Stormy Daniels' Brutal Dig At Trump On Witness Stand Is Sure To Hit Him Where It Hurts

Stormy Daniels' testimony did damage at Donald Trump's trial, not only to his defense, but also, his pride. When she took the stand May 7, Daniels made embarrassing claims about Trump's bedtime habits, which included his unusual sleeping arrangements with wife Melania. Daniels made several unflattering statements about her alleged affair with the former "The Apprentice" host, too. "I told very few people that we had sex because I felt very ashamed that I didn't stop it," Daniels said, according to Business Insider. Her testimony was so salacious that Trump's defense moved for a mistrial, which was denied by Judge Juan Merchan. "[T]here are some things that would have been better left unsaid," Merchan said, according to the New York Post. Those comments were light compared to the jab Daniels took at Trump during her second day on the witness stand.

On May 9, Daniels was questioned by Trump's attorney, Susan Necheles, who asked why the adult film star accepted hush money, but then went public with the affair. "[Y]ou then decided that you wanted to publicly say that you had sex with Donald Trump," Necheles said, per MSNBC's Katie Phang. "No, nobody would ever want to publicly say that," Daniels responded. "I wanted to publicly defend myself after Michael Cohen told that story," she added. Daniels' response elicited "laughter in the courtroom" according to MSNBC's Adam Klasfeld

Her remark gave Trump haters even more fuel than his troubling courtroom hair, as they responded to Daniels' dig.

Stormy Daniels took other shots at Donald Trump during her testimony

Anti-Trumpsters on X, formerly known as Twitter, quickly pounced on Stormy Daniels' wry line about not wanting to go public with the Donald Trump affair. "Alright people. Stormy wins the internets for this comment," one responded. "That line hurt surely tRump more than a guilty verdict will," another added. "Oh you know Trump is seething over being humiliated. This a delicious," an X user commented. Trump was upset just hearing that Daniels would be testifying, so there's no telling how mad he became after hearing her comments. "This is unprecedented, no time for lawyers to prepare," he wrote in a quickly-deleted post to Truth Social on May 7, before Daniels took the stand (via Business Insider).

The "publicly" comment wasn't Daniels only quick-witted line about her tryst with Trump. When asked by Trump's attorneys about the validity of their affair, Daniels said, "And if that story was untrue, I would have written it to be a lot better," according to MSNBC's Adam Klasfeld. Daniels cited her staggering amount of debt when asked about profiting off of the court case with merchandising. "Not unlike Mr. Trump," she added. That comment once again incited laughter.

Of course, her testimony was far from the first time Daniels took shots at Trump. As she told Piers Morgan on Fox Nation when asked about the affair in April 2023 (via the New York Post), "I've had sex with some way hotter people that are famous."