Barron Trump's First Political Career Move Confirms What We Suspected

While it's been fun musing over whether Donald and Barron Trump actually have anything in common, the latter has finally put an end to the speculation with a surprising-but-not-really political move. Barron is about to head to the Republican National Convention, following in the footsteps of his dear old papa. 

As was reported by NBC News, Barron will be repping Florida at the convention. Essentially, that means he will have a hand in selecting the Republican candidate for the 2024 election. Whether that means his pops will get his vote remains to be seen, but one thing that is for sure is that Barron is keen on the new job. Speaking to ABC News, one Trump insider shared, "He's on the delegation roster and Barron is very interested in our nation's political process." 

Other than that, neither Barron nor any of his family members have shared any more details on the matter at the time of writing. That may change, though. After all, the list of Florida delegates published by the Washington Post also includes Barron's older half-brothers, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., and half-sister Tiffany Boulos. Something tells us we will be getting a family picture. 

Barron Trump is embracing the spotlight as an adult

On one hand, seeing Barron Trump embrace the GOP isn't entirely surprising. After all, Melania Trump has seen her only child as a "mini Donald." Even so, there's no denying that we've seen a marked change in Donald Trump's son since he turned 18. 

For starters, there is the more confident body language, which expert Traci Brown exclusively told Elasq showed that he was ready to be in the public eye. Well, becoming a delegate certainly is a step in that direction — and if anything, it says Barron might not hate the spotlight quite as much as we previously thought

Another sign that Barron is ready to embrace public life and the potential scrutiny that may come with it? He's said so. That was revealed in an episode of Valuetainment's "BPD Podcast." According to the show's hosts, Barron essentially shrugged off former NBCUniversal exec Mike Sington's since-deleted post to X, formerly Twitter, which claimed that as an adult, "He's fair game now." Barron's take, the"BPD Podcast" hosts recounted, was "I don't care, do it. I get it. They've gone and done it to every kid. What's the difference?" Barron's first political role as a delegate for the Republican National Convention will likely see him come under scrutiny for the first time — but it's pretty clear he's not bothered by it.