Outfits We Can't Believe Trump Aide Margo Martin Wore

For the past couple of years, Margo Martin has become Donald Trump's right-hand man, or should we say woman. Early in her career, she landed a position as one of the former U.S. president's press assistants before rising in the ranks to becoming the deputy communications chief. Since taking on these high-profile positions, she has been thrown into the limelight and every aspect of her life has been up for criticism, from looking like Melania Trump's clone to her questionable style.

You never know what you're going to get with Martin's fashion when she steps out in public. Usually, as one of Trump's aides, the public will see her rock business clothing to suit her tasks. In an Instagram post from 2021, saying goodbye to the White House, Martin and Trump were snapped at the iconic landmark as she donned a full black look with a skirt and blouse. She wrote in the caption, "It's impossible to adequately put into words — a goodbye that thoroughly thanks the people, memories and place that gave my life immeasurable purpose and happiness." Her work look doesn't sound too bad, but sometimes, even that can cross the line of being too bold. And unlike her boss, who usually sports the same suit even off the clock, Martin isn't afraid to make fashion statements in her day-to-day life. However, not all of them could be deemed as stylish as she has worn some unbelievable outfits.

Margo Martin's traffic cone look

Is that a traffic cone? Nope, it's just Margo Martin. The deputy communications chief wore a tragic outfit when her father visited her at work. In July 2019, as she was in the early years of her career with Donald Trump, Margo shared a photo of her and her father, David Martin, in front of the Washington Monument. She captioned the post, "My favorite visitor!" The sweet moment, however, was ruined by the distraction of Margo's terrible outfit choice.

In the photo's background was a government helicopter, which could have confused Margo for a landing cone with her ensemble. The former press assistant wore a bright orange and reddish long-sleeve dress that reached around her mid-calf. As if that wasn't terrible enough, the dress had a black dotted pattern that did not mix well with the color. It looks like Margo kept the bright shades going with her phone case, which was also beaming in orange.

Luckily, Margo was able to make up for the fashion mishap when her parents visited her a year later. In a snapshot from the Oval Office, Margo posed alongside her parents in a brown long-sleeve dress that was much more fashionable than her outfit choice from a year prior.

Margo Martin's mismatched winter camo outfit

Margo Martin typically sports business attire whenever she steps out in public, but even a former White House aide has her comfy days. In the 2023 New Year, the political figure posted a carousel of photos recapping the previous year, but one picture stood out in particular because it wasn't what we usually see Margo wearing.

The photo showed Margo posing alongside her sister, news anchorMarkie Martin. The sisters both wore casual clothing as it was during the Christmas holiday. Everybody has those lazy days, but Margo's outfit was particularly interesting because none of it matched. The deputy communications chief wore a dark brown fluffy jacket and paired it with camouflage sweatpants. Camo has always been a hot debate in fashion, with some loving the look and others wishing it would go away. Looking at Margo's outfit, many hoped the camo was actually invisible, so they wouldn't have to see this ensemble.

The clashing outfit was stepped up a notch when she paired the look with light tan Ugg boots that didn't go with any other color of clothing she was wearing. She also accessorized the outfit with a black purse as the look continued to confuse everyone who laid eyes on it.

Margo Martin made Louis Vuitton look bad

Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic fashion houses to exist. Since its establishment in the 1800s, plenty of famous people have worn the brand over centuries, including Margo Martin. With an established and well-respected company like Louis Vuitton, it's hard to imagine that anyone can make it look bad, but Martin did.

Martin and her pals wore matching outfits throughout the weekend she spent with them at the Troubadour Golf & Field Club in September 2023. While some outfits were Instagram-worthy, others should have stayed in the drafts: specifically, her Louis Vuitton look. Margo's outfit, which matched one of her friends, was not the most fashionable as she wore a black Louis Vuitton-embroidered hat with a black tank top and bright red Louis Vuitton shorts. Louis Vuitton is known for being bold, but the shorts may have gone a bit too far. The bottoms had a 3-D aspect, with different colors of the brand throughout the print.

Margo even wore a green Prada handbag to highlight the green in the shorts, which is worth almost $2,000. So, even though it may not have been the best look she's ever worn, it was still some high-quality clothing and accessories, showcasing just how lavish Martin's lifestyle is.

Margo Martin's animal print outfit made people hiss with anger

Animal print on clothing is not something that Margo Martin shies away from — it's something she embraces. Animal print can create an epic fashion moment, but all it has done for the former White House aide is make it one of the biggest celebrity fashion misfires.

In April 2023, Martin stepped out with her boss, Donald Trump, and some of his team for an after-work sporting event. Posting the night away on social media, she shared several images from the exciting gathering with the caption, "Fight Night." Trump sported his usual suited look, but you're not going to believe what Martin wore to the fight. She made a statement by wearing a snakeskin dress with some bold colors. The majority of the dress was a bright purple color, but the waistband featured a blue tied ribbon in the same animal print as the rest of the outfit. It was truly unbelievable that Martin thought this was a good look, and she had worn something similar in the past.

A post from October 2019, showed Martin at an airport wearing a blue and purplish-pink animal print dress. Sounds familiar, right? The only difference was that the gown was longer, and the design was more of a leopard print, rather than a snakeskin print. However, it's clear Martin is a fan of this clothing style, even when she probably shouldn't be.

Margo Martin unapologetically supports Donald Trump in outfit

Margo Martin and Donald Trump have created a close relationship, and she praises her boss any chance she gets. Her social media is littered with photos of the two throughout the years. In February 2020, Martin shared a post on what looks to be Air Force One, or as she calls it, Trump Force One, alongside the then-president. She captioned the post, "One incredible year down, a million unforgettable memories — and the best is yet to come!"

Even though the political figure has lost the respect of some of his closest team over the years, Martin has never changed her unwavering support for Trump. She took her admiration for him a step further when she wore a daring outfit in February 2024. In a photo dump of the month, a snapshot of Martin in a car wearing a Trump sweatshirt caught people's attention. This wasn't your typical "Make America Great Again" sweater, but the clothing piece had an old photo of Trump on the phone with the phrase, "Miss me yet?" printed on it. Many who oppose Trump and his ideals would look at this outfit with disgust, but his supporters were all for it. In the comments, one user said, "need your Trump sweatshirt! Where's it from?!" Still, considering Trump was about to kick off his criminal case, it seemed a bit unbelievable that Martin would wear a sweater with his face on it.