Hallmark Star Nikki DeLoach's Worst Red Carpet Looks To Date

Nikki DeLoach has been acting since she was a kid and is now one of the buzziest Hallmark actors. It's safe to say the "Christmas Land" actor has walked many red carpets throughout her career and unfortunately, some of her looks have missed the mark by quite a lot. Perhaps it's because fashion isn't the most important thing in DeLoach's life, and the Hallmark star's is mostly normal off-camera. As she once told I Heart Heels, "I absolutely love and appreciate fabric and fit — and the fact that it's art. But, I'm known to not pay attention [in everyday life]." She's more of a jeans gal but adores Christian Louboutin shoes, so much so that she didn't want to mess up her first pair of heels and brought flip-flops with her on the red carpet. No, DeLoach, no!

We're sure she's gotten used to having expensive shoes since then and has more experience getting ready for the red carpet. Still, DeLoach could use the help of a stylist for some of her 'fits. Or, if she did use one, she should look for another ASAP.

Nikki DeLoach's giant red bridesmaid dress

The MTV Movie Awards is an event where celebrities can play around with fashion. Whether they go for a chic cocktail dress or vamp it up with a bodysuit, this is the time to take fashion risks. Unfortunately, Nikki DeLoach's bright red maxi dress for the 2014 awards show was indeed risky, but not in a good way. The Hallmark star chose to go the bridesmaid route with a fitted bodice and ruffled chiffon skirt paired with white closed-toe pumps. Styled with a white purse and silver jewelry, DeLoach looked like a Y2K fashion disaster. And, don't even get us started with her Bumpit hairdo.

We're not surprised that the "Love & Other Drugs" actor's 2014 MTV Movie Awards outfit made it on E! News' worst-dressed list and was compared to a prom-night look. According to Just Jared, DeLoach got her shoes from Aldo, which means that she definitely hadn't reached her Christian Louboutin era yet. Hopefully, younger DeLoach knew that she had much potential ahead of her, fashion-wise.

Nikki DeLoach's mismatched outfit

2014 was clearly not Nikki DeLoach's best year in fashion. The "Awkward" star arrived at the Ovarian Cancer Research Funds Inaugural Super Saturday event dressed like she didn't know which way to go with her look. DeLoach had a strappy midnight blue cami tucked into a pair of khaki-colored cargo pants with the hems folded up. As if the combo wasn't curious enough, she wore a light blue pair of pumps and dangled a black and white polka-dotted purse on her arm. The overall aesthetic was confusing and we want to know why no one told DeLoach not to wear cargo pants — with heels, nonetheless — on the red carpet.

Since do-gooders raise money by shopping at the annual charity event, hopefully, DeLoach picked up a better 'fit. When asked by MaximoTV if she likes to collect any pieces of clothing or shoes, she drew a blank and instead said that she loves a good piece of jewelry. Yep, fashion is definitely not at the forefront of her mind, as DeLoach lives a pretty normal life off-camera.

Polka dot stockings should have been crossed off Nikki DeLoach's Christmas list

It was nice of Nikki DeLoach to support her fellow Hallmark Channel stars at the 2016 screening of "A Nutcracker Christmas" but her sheer black polka dot stockings should have stayed home. We're sure she thought she was putting a playful twist on an otherwise boring outfit, but the tights did the opposite of elevating DeLoach's outfit of a plain button-down shirt and black velvet shorts — as did her clogs. We have to give the actor points for a perfectly coiffed 'do and her elegant black clutch, but other than that, she looks like she's about to serve some hors d'oeuvres to guests on a silver tray.

Interestingly enough, DeLoach played a food supplier years later in Hallmark's "Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate" in 2022, which would later become a series of movies. Maybe the higher-ups were inspired by the "A Nutcracker Christmas" screening 'fit and had a eureka idea for DeLoach's character, Goldy Berry. Either way, the actor failed to execute the look.

Nikki DeLoach's floral dress was a dud

The annual Bloom Summit may sound like a get-together about all things floral, but it's actually a one-day retreat in Los Angeles where celebs and influencers get to try out healthy products and get pampered. It seems no one gave Nikki DeLoach the memo in 2018, as she walked the green carpet in a long flower-patterned midi dress. While it was a practical dress for the mom of two, the look, punctuated with maroon peep-toe shoes, was yawn-inducing and looked more suited to a PTA meeting than a spa day.

Perhaps the look was hastily thrown together, as DeLoach told a photographer who complimented her footwear (via Dailymotion), "Thanks, I had to find a way to cover up my lack of a pedicure that I didn't have time to get." However, it seems she has a penchant for floral dresses so this one was most likely deliberately chosen. Next time, maybe a better fit or a tighter belt around the waist would jazz up the overall look.

Nikki DeLoach's satin gown clung in all the wrong places

You've got to give it up for Nikki DeLoach as one of the biggest philanthropists. In 2022, she attended the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Gala in a gorgeous fuchsia-colored asymmetrical gown with a slit on the left sleeve and leg. While the dress could have been a wow moment, the material was much too thin and clung to DeLoach's leg awkwardly while she posed on the red carpet. We think a slightly heftier fabric would have made the silhouette flow over her figure better.

Still, fans loved to see DeLoach all dressed up, which took an effort on her part with some professional help. "This is an appreciation post for the angel humans who got me out of my @lululemon and baseball cap and into this hot pink dream, complete with hair and makeup. I haven't had a mani/pedi since December of 2019 so it was a real heavy lift. Thank you so much," she gushed on Instagram. "You look beautiful either way!! Besides [it's] that inner self you have that shines so very bright. Such a good soul," a fan replied. We couldn't agree more, despite a few fashion mishaps here and there.