Inside HGTV Star David Bromstad's Mysterious Love Life

While many of HGTV's biggest stars are boo'd up, David Bromstad does not fall into that category. At least, not publicly — and we don't blame him for that. After all, one of his past relationships turned very sour post-split, and he was left to deal with the fallout. 

As longtime fans of Bromstad may remember, back in 2017, news broke of a decidedly acrimonious split. At the time, it was reported that Bromstad's ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Glasko, had filed a lawsuit against the HGTV star. Though the two were never married, Glasko claimed they had lived as a married couple. As such, he felt the condo he and Bromstad shared (and which the latter had put on the market in 2016) was half his. Glasko also claimed that in addition to the emotional turmoil he'd endured as a result of the breakup, Bromstad (who is said to have a net worth of around $2 million) had come close to financially ruining him.

As for how Bromstad had affected Glasko's finances in such a big way, that's where the claims became even more damaging. We'll get into the details in a moment, but essentially, Glasko accused Bromstad of using their money for illegal things — so illegal, they seemed to have made the judge blush.

Jeffrey Glasko's claims could have ruined David's rep

So, just what did Jeffrey Glasko say David Bromstad had done? According to the court docs accessed by In Touch, Glasko alleged that his famous former partner had used their shared money on drugs and sex workers. That would be a pretty damaging allegation against anyone. For Bromstad, though — who is still closely associated with his past work with Disney – as well as his role on the family-friendly HGTV network, the stakes were even higher. 

Granted, while the judge noted how scandalous the claims were, he also ended up disallowing Glasko from using them in his case against his ex. As noted by Thomson Reuters Practical Law, that is typically done when a court feels the allegations leveled against a defendant are out of line and geared towards humiliating them. 

As for Bromstad, he opted not to say anything about the situation. Instead, his lawyer told In Touch that the claims were fabricated and stemmed from Glasko's desperation. That certainly seemed to be the case. At the time, the outlet reported that Glasko was also planning on airing his ex's dirty laundry on a website bearing his name. That said, it seems he had a change of heart, as several years on, the domain name hasn't spilled any tea.

David Bromstad has never spoken about his love life

It's worth noting that Jeffrey Glasko is the only boyfriend David Bromstad has ever spoken about publicly. Granted, he didn't say a whole lot about their relationship, other than an interview he did in 2012, which saw him open up to South Florida Gay News about falling in love with Glasko years prior. Even so, it stands to reason that his experience, post-split, probably made Bromstad a little hesitant to open up about subsequent relationships. 

In the years since breaking up with Glasko, Bromstad has kept his love life under the radar, and we're not shocked by that. After all, he's made it abundantly clear that he wants no part in any kind of drama. As he said in a 2019 interview with Star Tribune, "I am Disney. I am magic. That's all my life is about." 

That's not to say he'd rule out another relationship, though. In fact, in the same interview, he told the outlet that he would love to have a family of his own at some point. "Being single has served its purpose. I'm ready to settle down and have that regular life," he mused. With that interview taking place more than five years ago, there's a chance he has met someone in that time. That said, even if he had, we wouldn't count on him telling us about it.