Why You Rarely See Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman's Daughter Bella

While most of the chatter surrounding Tom Cruise's kids tends to focus on his daughter with Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, he shares another daughter with Nicole Kidman. However, that she's not usually spoken about isn't much of a surprise. That's because, despite having two very famous parents, Isabella Kidman Cruise is known to keep to herself. 

Perhaps the greatest indicator that Isabella chooses to stay out of the spotlight is a comment her mother-in-law made to Daily Mail back in 2016. Though Isabella agreed to speak with the outlet about her wedding to husband Max Parker, her husband's mom mused to the outlet that the bride had wanted everything to be as under the radar as possible. Speaking of the celebrity lifestyle she'd grown up in, Beverly Parker pointed out, "That is what she's getting away from." It's not exactly shocking, then, that neither of Isabella's parents was in attendance (though Tom's absence was chalked up to his tight schedule rather than trying to keep things quiet). That said, even the Parkers skipped the ceremony for fear that people who knew them would put two and two together. 

Wanting to keep her wedding away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi certainly makes sense. After all, no bride wants to risk being photographed from an unflattering angle on her big day. However, Isabella's aversion to fame goes way beyond her wedding day. 

Isabella prefers normal life to living in the lap of luxury

Back in 2020, Woman's Day reported that Tom Cruise had invited his daughter to live in his fabulous London apartment — and that she had turned him down. Now, given that Isabella Kidman Cruise had been married for several years at this point, the fact that she's said to have declined the offer might not come as a major surprise. Granted, the size of the apartment would mean she'd probably be able to come and go without even bumping into pops. Plus, even if Isabella, Max Parker, and Cruise were all in residence at once, each one of them would be able to enjoy their very own living room. 

Perks aside, Isabella didn't seem to take her father up on his offer. However, that doesn't necessarily point to any simmering drama between the dad and daughter. According to people who claimed to know Isabella, she and her husband simply preferred living like normal twenty-somethings. Fair enough, we guess! 

We'd say we hope Isabella at least managed a visit to her dad's luxury abode, but we're not banking on it. After all, if she wouldn't let her non-famous in-laws attend her wedding for fear of alerting the press, it doesn't seem likely she'd be willing to risk popping into a not-exactly-low-key building just a stone's throw from 10 Downing Street. 

Isabella Kidman Cruise isn't completely incognito

Despite preferring not to be in the spotlight in the same way her parents are, it's worth noting that Isabella Kidman Cruise isn't a total hermit. In fact, in addition to speaking to the Daily Mail about her wedding (a pretty big move for someone who wanted to avoid it becoming major press fodder), Isabella even addressed her relationship with her parents. More specifically, she called out anyone spreading rumors that she didn't speak to her parents. Asked if she was in contact with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, she said, "Of course ... they're my parents. Anyone who says otherwise is full of s**t."

Other than that, Isabella also has a public Instagram account. And, if that wasn't evidence enough that she was fine with people knowing who she was, the fact that her handle is @bellakidmancruise definitely does. Talk about hiding in plain sight! 

Instagram and the odd interview aside, Isabella has also been spotted with her dad and brother on occasion. As for Nicole, Isabella hasn't been seen with her mother in years. However, as she told New Idea back in 2016, they did see each other from time to time and spoke even more frequently. Isabella simply doesn't need cameras there to prove it — and we love that for her.