This Singer Flushes Fashion Rep At 2024 Met Gala With Bathroom-Inspired Look

Bathroom chic was definitely one of the most unexpected aesthetics seen at the 2024 Met Gala. Ahead of the esteemed event co-chair Anna Wintour apologized for some confusion about the dress code. On "Today," she explained that the theme for 2024 was "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion," but celebs were told to wear designs inspired by JG Ballard's 1962 short story, "The Garden of Time." When Doja Cat left The Mark Hotel to head to the red carpet, her pre-gala look did not seem to reference either the theme or dress code.

As the "Streets" singer strutted past the gawking onlookers outside her hotel, there was nary a petal in sight — instead of adorning her bod with tea roses and trumpet vines, she was swaddled in terrycloth. (She at least could have grabbed a sachet of potpourri to carry in lieu of a handbag as a subtle nod to the garden dress code!) On the plus side, her outfit wasn't as dull and uninspired as Gigi Hadid's tragic Met Gala look.

You could argue that the towels wrapped around Doja Cat's head and torso were an homage to the fashion fete's theme instead; she was getting her beauty sleep, overslept, and had to rush to the event right after hopping out of the shower. Some fans were convinced her unexpected ensemble was inspired by another artist — but it turned out to be a total fake-out. 

Was Doja Cat channeling Lady Gaga?

At least Doja Cat took some time to throw on some jewelry. The "Paint the Town Red" singer rocked a necklace with a large yellow stone that reminded some users on X, formerly known as Twitter, of the iconic Tiffany Diamond necklace that Lady Gaga wore to the Oscars in 2019. The "A Star is Born" actor posed for a photo wearing the dazzling gem, a white robe, and a towel wrapped around her head.

The large tag dangling from Doja Cat's towel mini dress identified it as a Vetements design. But before she walked the red carpet, she pulled a switcheroo by ditching her post-shower look for another Vetements outfit that appeared as though it had been in the shower with her. She told Entertainment Tonight the wet look was achieved using hair gel and explained that her dress fit with the garden theme because it was cotton. "I really don't like to blend in," she added.

Ahead of the Met Gala, she was photographed trying her hardest to upstage Bianca Censori's outrageous outfits in some other bizarre, revealing Vetements pieces that also looked like they could have been purchased off the rack at Bed Bath & Beyond — or a dollar store. When Doja Cat and the label's creative director, Guram Gvasalia, went shopping at the Cartier store in NYC, she wore a dress that was basically a sheet. She's also rocked a bandeau top and mini skirt that looked like saran wrap