Gigi Hadid's 2024 Met Gala Look Is More Tragic Than Rumored Beau Bradley Cooper's Dating Reputation

Gigi Hadid's 2024 Met Gala look certainly gave us florals, but we aren't sure we love it. In fact, it's kind of reminding us of a comment one of her rumored boyfriend Bradley Cooper's exes once said about him, and that he had a "personality that could flip on a dime." That is, it's giving emotional whiplash. 

ICYMI, when Hadid walked out of The Pierre Hotel in New York, she did so in a slinky, off-the-shoulder white gown, complete with an, ahem, interestingly placed yellow rose on her lower half. By the time she arrived on the Met Gala red carpet, however, her lower half was enveloped in a much more voluminous skirt. She definitely gets snaps for making an impact, and there's no denying it's a pretty dress, but we're going to go ahead and say this look was far from our favorite. 

From some angles, Hadid's Thom Browne dress looked a little like crinkled paper or cracked paving, and perhaps that's what she and the designer were going for. After all, the story this year's Met Gala is based on — that is, "The Garden of Time" — does end with the protagonist's villa falling into a state of decay. However, it doesn't translate super well. It kind of looks like any white dress with some rose detailing, a voluminous skirt, and some black bordering. A pretty one, granted, but not exactly groundbreaking, either. 

Gigi's dress just isn't giving us enough

We'll say it again: Gigi Hadid's Met Gala dress isn't awful. So, what's the problem? Much like an emotionally unavailable boyfriend (who may or may not have snubbed Hadid at the 2024 Oscars), it just isn't giving us enough

There definitely are references to the passage of time in the look. The silhouette is giving Old Hollywood, as is the hair and makeup. However, further than looking pretty, that's pretty much where it ends. Had there been some more texture on the dress to point to destruction of sorts, or had the flowers been real and starting to decay, as Vogue suggested in one of their predictions ahead of the event, the attempt may have felt more full-bodied. 

Of course, Hadid and Cooper's relationship has yet to be confirmed (even if we're convinced they're together), so perhaps we're reading too much into it. Nevertheless, we said what we said — this dress is a pretty one, but it's just not giving us the Met Gala glam we wanted.