Chris Pine's Unrecognizable Hair Transformation Is Truly Wild

Chris Pine broke into the movie world in "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" and captured audiences' hearts with his boy-next-door look. Back then, his luscious brown locks rivaled his co-star Anne Hathaway and undoubtedly helped secure his many roles thereafter. In fact, he starred in the 2008 short film, "An Inconvenient Head" as "The Man With Beautiful Hair" who is enviously looked upon by a balding man. Spoiler alert: Pine doesn't get the girl despite his coveted head of hair.

Over the years, the "This Means War" actor played around with different styles, sometimes dying his hair blond and experimenting with varying lengths. Pine has a knack for completely transforming his look with a switch of his hairstyle and can easily alternate between surfer hippie or Wall Street businessman. Whether the changeup was for a role or just a whim, Pine has completely taken fans by surprise with his new 'dos.

Chris Pine shaved his head in March 2017

After keeping his hair pretty much the same length for several years, Chris Pine stunned everyone when he debuted a shaved head at the 2017 Cinemacon. "Yes, I did it myself, I used clippers," he revealed to USA Today. "I went through phases. So I had long hair and a beard. And first I did a facial hair thing. That was fun. I did the mustache. I did a little General Sherman," Pine explained. He then shared that he had shaved only the back of his head for a bit and added, "Then I got a fade. Then I started doing designs. And then I got real bored. I went full chop."

While Pine liked keeping cool with less hair, fans had mixed reactions. "WHY IS CHRIS PINE BALD," an X user, formerly Twitter, wrote. Others dug the shaved look and one stated, "Oh, I love him like this. Even more. Chris Pine looking good, handsome as ever." Naysayers didn't have to worry, though, because the "Wonder Woman" star apparently has a superpower that allows his hair to grow fast, and by the next month, he was already spotted with a full head of hair.

Chris Pine was much hairier in March 2022

Chris Pine is known for his clean-cut look, which is why his long hair and full salt and pepper beard were quite a shocker during the "All the Old Knives" premiere in March 2022. Pine wore his hair in a medium brown color with waves around his face that reached to the bottom of his neck. He also sported a fluffy Santa Claus-looking beard. "I guess it's like, equal parts laziness and equal parts something I may do in the future here," he explained to ET. Pine remained tight-lipped on whether his '70s look was for a part in a film and he just stated, "Maybe. It's mostly laziness."

Pine's shaggy hair and beard appears to have been grown out for the movie "Poolman," in which he rocks a similar, but more disheveled look. Fans of the much hairier look were probably disappointed when Pine hinted that he had to shave off his facial hair for work. "It's sad. It took like six months, but now I have to shave it off," he shared with Variety. When asked if he wanted to keep his scruff, he stated, "I'm very happy with a beard."

Chris Pine rocked bleached hair for the September 2022 Venice Film Festival

New look, who 'dis? Just six months after showing off his long hair and full beard, Chris Pine hard-launched a bleached blond 'do at the 2022 Venice Film Festival during the infamous Spitgate with Harry Styles. Pine grew out his hair just a tad bit longer, with his straw-colored ends almost touching his shoulders. Instead of a single-process color, Pine looked like he had some highlights painted in, with the bottom half a lighter blond shade. Perhaps he was channeling his co-star Florence Pugh, as they were both twinning with their bleached bobs.

As always, fans had something to say about the look, so it's a good thing that Chris Pine stays away from social media. "[His] hair is giving me Reese Witherspoon Sweet Home Alabama vibes," a fan wrote on X. Another shared, "Forget the press tour drama, somebody tell Chris Pine to cut his hair. He looks like he wants to speak to the manager." However, one of the actor's die-hard fans stated, "Chris Pine looks incredible with that long European banker hair. Glad he's ditched the grey stubble." Another fan chimed in, "He looks beautiful. Could not agree more."

Chris Pine goes for a silver fox look in October 2022

2022 was a big year for Chris Pine's hair as it underwent many drastic transformations. He quickly went from Y2K Brad Pitt to Dos Equis' The Most Interesting Man in the World with cropped silver hair and a matching beard. It was a look that brought out the "Star Trek" actor's clear blue eyes in October 2022 when he hosted the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Gala alongside his father Robert Pine.

Believe it or not, the changeup wasn't for a role and the reason is pretty hilarious. In an interview with Esquire, Pine stated, "I thought I was looking pretty, pretty fly. The hair was long, everything was happening. My publicist said I looked like Rachel from 'Friends.' I couldn't unhear it." This exchange reportedly went down at the Venice Film Festival, so the turnaround was pretty quick. For those who were digging Pine's silver fox hair, they have his publicist to thank for that one.

Chris Pine went back to his Poolman era in April 2024

So long silver hair! Well, for the most part. In April 2024, Chris Pine celebrated his directorial debut for "Poolman" by attending the film's Los Angeles premiere in character. Pine's famous parents were also in attendance as their son sported long blond wavy hair and a full gray beard again. The actor looked laid back in a buttercup-colored blazer and an 'I love LA" tee shirt. Although, the long hairdo may have been a wig as he was spotted with a shorter cut inside the premiere and changed his jean shorts for a fancier pair of maroon striped pants. Getting into character for the red carpet definitely shows dedication to his craft.

Whether it was a wig or not, Pine ditched the long hair but kept the blond color when he showed "Poolman" at the Aero Theater on May 5, as shared by film critic Courteney Howard on X. Pine still had his beard, however, which isn't surprising given his love for facial hair. Hopefully, he has some time to enjoy it before he has to shave it all off again for his next role.