Donald Trump's Miami Grand Prix Outfit Has Even His Fans Scratching Their Heads

Donald Trump typically makes those who loathe him scratch their heads, but now, even Trump's biggest supporters have been confused by his latest Miami Grand Prix outfit. The racing event took place in Florida over the weekend, and plenty of celebrities were out for the big sporting festivity, including some of the Trump family.

Donald Trump Jr. shared an image of himself and his father on the sidelines of the racing gig on X, formerly known as Twitter. He captioned the post, "F1 Miami with my big guy! #FormulaOne." The father-son duo stood side by side as they posed for the photo, wearing some tragic Trump family outfits. Their clothing choices were a bit questionable as Don Jr. wore brown pants with a light blue button-up shirt. Don Jr.'s ensemble already seemed weird for a sporting event, but Donald's strange outfit beat him by miles.

Donald sported a navy blue suit with a white dress shirt for the race. Of course, he couldn't forget his signature bright red "Make America Great Again" hat to complete the look. It was a bit odd that the businessman was wearing a suit to the race, but what made it even more unusual was that it was blazing hot in Florida over the weekend. Even those who back Donald couldn't help but point out the bizarre outfit amid the hot Florida weather on social media.

Donald Trump braved through the Florida heat in a suit for Grand Prix

Donald Trump braved through the Florida heat during the Miami Grand Prix, but at what cost? The former U.S. president has faced criticism for his outfit choice at the sports gathering, even from his biggest supporters. One person, who is a Trump fan, tweeted, "Your dad is awesome. Mad respect to the fact that it felt like a 90-degree day and he's still in his suit!" The day Trump visited the track, Florida reached a high of 85 degrees, which, for many, is too hot for a suit.

The supporters weren't the only ones who pointed out the strange outfit choice with the weather. Trump faced his usual backlash from people who weren't in his corner. One online user tweeted, "Who wears a suit and makeup to a race in 90 degree heat?? I'm surprised his makeup wasn't running down his face." Trump has been known to wear makeup, so it wouldn't be shocking if he stepped out for the Grand Prix with some glam. However, makeup aside, there's no excuse for why he chose to wear a suit in the Florida heat.

Trump wasn't the only family member who had a questionable outfit over the weekend as Ivanka Trump caught some flack for her shortest look yet, but at least she was smart enough to wear something cool, unlike her dad.