Ivanka Trump Flaunts One Of Her Shortest Looks Yet & Critics Are Ruthless

Ivanka Trump's latest fashion choice is making people talk, and not in a good way. When it comes to her professional life, the public is used to seeing Trump in a pantsuit or business-styled dress. In 2015, she even described to Harper's Bazaar her typical style, saying, "My go-to look during the week is a well-tailored dress and heels. Accessories are crucial." The businesswoman's fashion during the week and the weekend is like night and day, and her latest outing proves that.

Trump swapped out her usual business casual look for a minidress this past weekend. According to the Daily Mail, the former advisor attended a beach party in honor of Formula 1's Miami Grand Prix on Saturday and shocked people with her outfit. She sported a bright red halter top minidress that reached around her mid-thigh, showing off her toned legs. Trump accompanied the look with beige strappy heels, gold diamond earrings, and a metallic clutch. This past weekend has shown a different style than many are used to seeing from the former first daughter.

Just a couple of days prior, she rocked a navy blue minidress as she stepped out for another Grand Prix event alongside her husband, Jared Kushner, per Page Six. These latest outfits from Trump have shocked many, but it's the red look that has people making ruthless comments about the former advisor.

The internet roasts Ivanka Trump's weekend outfit

Ivanka Trump has worn her share of inappropriate outfits over the years, but the internet thinks her latest red minidress takes the cake. The length and style of the dress have people questioning Trump's fashion choice. People have suggested the look may be inappropriate for Trump's age of 42 years old. One person wrote, "She kind of needs to quit pretending she is in her 20's. She is very pretty but..." The internet did not hold back on their opinions about the businesswoman, even if they may have been a bit harsh. One person commented, "That dress does not work on her. She looks lanky."

The comments about Trump's outfit choice were never-ending, and some users even threw in other jabs about her appearance in the process. One person said, "She's not nearly as hot as she wants us to think she is. I don't know what is is, but her posture looks awkward in all those photos of her in the mini dresses." They continued, "Maybe its the heels? Maybe its just her body. And what has she done to her face?" Trump has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors for years, so it's not surprising people chose to highlight this alongside the look. However, all the backlash shows that the public was not fond of Trump's new style whatsoever.