Kevin Hart's Tom Brady Roast Crosses Line With X-Rated Joke About Gisele & Her Rumored Boyfriend

Kevin Hart took on the Herculean task of hosting Netflix's live special, "The Roast of Tom Brady," armed with one goal: make as many jabs directed at the NFL legend as possible. And knowing Hart, he certainly delivered, pulling no punches in his roast on Brady. However, he may have crossed the line when he decided to poke fun at Brady's personal life, particularly about the rumored romance between his ex, Gisele Bündchen, and her jiujitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente.

To his credit, Hart did issue a pre-roast disclaimer. "I'm being mean today," he told ET prior to taking the stage. "I'm not nice Kevin today... ​I'm expecting to lose the relationship with Tom after today. I've already come in with that." He also preempted that things are going to be a "little ugly," something he thought viewers would be delighted to witness. "The world needs to see some, you know, some — some cross-the-line humor that's done with a tasteful approach where people are having a good time on both sides."

Brady, for his part, shrugged off any concerns, declaring in the trailer that he had no "f***in' problem" with whatever roast gets directed at him. "I'm unroastable. Let's go!" he quipped. But come the actual roast, despite Hart's intentions to keep it classy, many felt he ventured into cringe-worthy, especially when it came to his jokes involving Bündchen.

Kevin Hart went after Gisele's sex life post-Tom

It's practically a given that Kevin Hart will take a jab at the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick, and true to form, he didn't disappoint. Hart dove right into the details of Brady's falling out with his former mentor. "You f***ed him good. You did Tom, you f***ed your coach. But let me tell you something, that's what you got to do to maintain your happiness," he joked, but he segued into talking about Gisele Bündchen, who's rumored to be cozying up to her martial arts instructor post-Brady. "Sometimes you gotta f**k your coach. You know who else f***ed their coach? Gisele, she f***ed that karate man." Hart definitely knows how to throw a verbal punch! "How did you not see this coming?" he added. "Eight f***ing karate classes a day and she's still a white belt!"

Brady, ever the good sport, took it all in stride and raised a glass to everyone in the room. Some fans, though, thought it was particularly savage. "oh my goddddd the Gisele jokes are pouring out of Kevin hart. Holy s***," one tweeted, while another said, "Kevin Hart is the most annoying person in show business. Not funny."

Bündchen herself hasn't commented about her purported relationship with Joaquim Valente, but one source did confirm that they have been an item since June 2023. "They started out as great friends first. She's very private about this and wanted to keep it quiet while they got to know each other," a source told People. "He was a huge comfort for Gisele while she went through her divorce."