Ivanka's Reaction To Kimberly Guilfoyle & Don. Jr's Anniversary Isn't What We Expected

Much has been made about Ivanka Trump's rumored feud with Kimberly Guilfoyle. The tension dates back to Tiffany Trump's wedding in November 2022 when Ivanka posted a family photo of the Trump ladies sporting pastel-colored dresses to Instagram, but stealthily cropped out Guilfoyle — who wore a black dress. Considering the history, it came as a surprise to many when Ivanka turned up in the comments section when Guilfoyle uploaded an Instagram post celebrating her anniversary with Donald Trump Jr. "What a blessing to celebrate another anniversary with my soul mate and forever best friend," Guilfoyle wrote in the heartfelt caption alongside snaps of the couple posing with adorable puppies they had adopted. Ivanka gushed over her brother and future sister-in-law.

Apparently Ivanka's relationship with Guilfoyle is stronger than previously indicated, as she had a sweet exchange with her brother's fiancee. "Happy Anniversary! [three heart emoji] Love you," Ivanka commented. "Love you," the former Fox News reporter responded while adding a heart emoji. One follower noted the exchange and tried to stir up trouble. "Ivanka hasn't even acknowledged you," they wrote in response to Guilfoyle's reply.

Despite the previous signs of tension, it should be noted that Ivanka tried to make amends following crop-gate by posting the unedited photo to her Instagram Stories. "The two women are very close and Kimberly has really become part of the Trump family," a source told the Daily Mail at the time. Besides the wedding photo, there had been other indicators that Ivanka was not a big Guilfoyle supporter.

Why Ivanka Trump skipped Kimberly Guilfoyle's birthday

In February 2023, a source claimed that Donald Trump Jr.'s siblings — especially Ivanka Trump — had mixed feelings about Kimberly Guilfoyle. "Ivanka doesn't trust her because she sees her as a social climber desperate to marry into the family," the insider told OK! at the time. Apparently, Guilfoyle being cropped out of the group wedding shot was no accident. "Kimberly knew the dress code and simply disregarded it, which upset both Tiffany [Trump] and Ivanka," the insider added.

Amid reports circulating that Ivanka had turned sour on Guilfoyle, the former "The Five" host held a birthday party in March 2023. Among the attendees was Donald Trump. "Trump gave a big, long speech praising Kimberly and saying, 'I look forward to officially welcoming Kimberly into the family ... we all love her,'" an insider told Page Six. One notable absence from the party was Ivanka, who skipped the event with her husband Jared Kushner. "Their niece's bat mitzvah was Thursday evening and it had been planned a long time ago," a source added.

Ivanka may have missed the party due to a prior engagement, but she did give her future sister-in-law a birthday shoutout. "Happy birthday @kimberlyguilfoyle! Love you!" Ivanka wrote on her Instagram Stories alongside a photo of Guilfoyle and Donald Jr. (via OK!). Ivanka also uploaded a family group shot of the Trump clan to her Instagram Stories, and this time she did not crop out Guilfoyle. "Looking forward to many more memories and adventures together!" she wrote.