Donald Trump's Appearance In Court Vs. On The Campaign Trail Speaks Volumes

Donald Trump has been enjoying himself much more on the campaign trail than he has in court. The former president has been outspoken about his disdain for the Stormy Daniels hush money trial by lambasting the trial and its judge on Truth Social. On April 30, Judge Juan Merchan ruled that Trump's online rants violated his gag order and found he was in contempt of court. The real estate mogul was fined $1,000 for each of his nine online posts about the case — which was the maximum penalty. Trump has seemingly acted out against the trial by putting in little effort into his appearance while in court. That included a disastrous hair day for Trump on day two of the trial.

On May 2, Trump's hair once again looked uncharacteristically unkempt, as he wore a dark blue suit and a large yellow tie while in court. Besides his hair looking out of place, Trump also wore a hangdog look on his face. Trump's attorney, Todd Blanche, debated with Judge Merchan over whether the defendant had violated his gag order. "Everybody else can say whatever they want about this case," Blanche said, per Reuters. "They're not defendants in this case," Merchan responded. In regards to others chiming in, Joe Biden had made an unflattering claim about Trump's hair a week earlier when speaking in Washington, D.C.

Trump's hair may have been unflattering in court, but he made sure to put time into his trademark quiff while on the campaign trail a day earlier.

Donald Trump looked energized at his rallies

Donald Trump may have appeared downtrodden in the courtroom, with his hair lthank youooking dishevelled, but that was not the case when he addressed a crowd in Waukesha, Wisconsin on May 1. "It's called having a little fun on the campaign trail in Wisconsin," Trump told the crowd, per Politico. There may have been previous chatter about Trump balding, but his hair looked perfectly sculpted during the rally, as he sported a dark blue suit and a bright red tie. The former president was seemingly energized by not only his supporters, but by bashing the court cases against him. "Thank you. Because I'm being indicted for you," he added.

The Republican presidential candidate's day was not finished and he also headed to Saginaw, Michigan for a rally. There he sported a red MAGA hat as he addressed the crowd and lashed out against his court cases. "Every one of these fake cases is bulls***. Every single one of them. Terrible," he said, per The Hill. "As you know, I've come here today from New York City, where I'm being forced to sit for days on end in a kangaroo courtroom with a corrupt and conflicted judge," Trump added.

Hearing Trump's scorn for the court paints a picture as to why he may not take as much time into his appearance while standing trial. In 2011, he told Rolling Stone that he typically air-dried his hair which was an hour process. Perhaps he rushes his hair routine when appearing in court.