Lesser-Known Details About Kimberly Guilfoyle's Son Ronan

Kimberly Guilfoyle has been in the spotlight for a long time. The former television personality has shared pretty much every aspect of her life, but the one thing she keeps a bit more private is her son, Ronan Villency.

Guilfoyle and her son's father, Eric Villency, tied the knot in May 2006. When the wedding took place, Guilfoyle was rumored to be five months pregnant. That rumor proved to be true as the couple welcomed Ronan just a few months later on October 4, 2006. Since coming into the world, Ronan has been Guilfoyle's pride and joy. Every now and then, she will gush about him on social media. In 2017, Guilfoyle shared a sweet snap of the two with a heartfelt caption to Ronan. She said, "Grateful on my birthday for my son Ronan & all the love he brings to my life each & everyday!"

Guilfoyle has since expanded her family with fiancé, Donald Trump Jr., becoming a stepmom to his five kids from his previous marriage. Six kids can be a handful, but the former Fox News host makes sure to shower her child with love and attention. Despite joining the high-profile Trump family, there's not much known about Ronan besides the fact that Kimberly Guilfoyle's son is growing up to look just like her. There are some details out there, and they offer a glimpse into what life is like for Roman Villency.

Ronan took up flag football

In 2019, on the cusp of turning 13, Ronan Villency demonstrated his athletic abilities by taking up flag football. The truth about Kimberly Guilfoyle is that she's a proud mana who loves sharing snaps and videos of Ronan on the field. When the Trump campaign advisor wasn't able to make it to one of her son's games, someone made sure to record Ronan scoring a touchdown. Guilfoyle shared the video on Instagram and wrote in the caption, "NFL Flag Football #Jaguars Lets GO Ronan! Go RO DOG!! FIVE touchdowns in one game!! #baller #runningback #son #mom #flagfootball." While she might not have made that exciting game, Guilfoyle made sure to be there for the next one.

Just days after her first post, the former first lady of San Francisco shared a photo from her son's next flag football game. She praised Ronan in the caption and recounted a story about her time on an athletic team. Guilfoyle wrote, "Sunday NFL Flag Football! Go Ronan! Lots of fun and kids from all different schools and ages up to 15. Love that the other team had an awesome girl playing too! Just like when I was the first at my school to play on the all boys soccer team!" Based on a later post from Guilfoyle, Ronan has already graduated from flag football to touch, as it was clear he has a knack for the sport.

Ronan made Kimberly Guilfoyle 'so proud' by going to prom

Ronan Villency later attended high school at Oxbridge Academy, a private institution located in Palm Beach County, Florida, where Barron Trump had an unusual school experience. Much like the rest of Ronan's life, his high school career has been kept under wraps, but we know Ronan took part in some after-school activities.

Out of all the dances in high school, prom holds the most importance. It's a night of glamorous outfits, good music, and hanging out with your classmates. So, of course, Ronan Villency wasn't going to miss this rite of passage. While Kimberly Guilfoyle wore a tasteless outfit to her son's prom, Ronan did not. He kept it simple in a dapper suit. Guilfoyle shared photos from the special day, writing, "Seeing Ronan all dressed up and ready for prom brings back a flood of memories – from his first steps to this momentous occasion. It's a testament to his growth, his character, and the incredible young man he's become." Ronan's father, Eric Villency, and Donald Trump Jr. were also in attendance for Ronan's big night.

Guilfoyle continued to share her admiration for her son in the caption of her post. She said, "As a mom, there's no greater feeling than witnessing your child embark on milestones like this with confidence and excitement. Ronan, you make me so proud every single day. Here's to you and the journey ahead!"

Ronan doesn't miss out on Trump family vacations

Ronan Villency seems to enjoy spending time with Donald Trump Jr.'s family. In August 2023, Kimberly Guilfoyle posted photos from a Florida vacation that included Ronan, Trump Jr., and his children. The family went fishing as she captioned the post, "Wonderful time on the water with my love @donaldjtrumpjr and our kids #saltlife #family."

Of course, Ronan doesn't miss out on celebrating the holidays with his family. Guilfoyle posted photos from the luxurious Trump family Easter holiday, which included an image with Ronan. Guilfoyle shared, "A joyous celebration filled with laughter, love, and cherished moments spent with family. From egg hunts to delicious food, with gratitude for the hands who prepared our meals, it was a heartwarming reminder of the beauty of togetherness and family." From boat days to holidays, Ronan enjoys spending a lot of time with his family and not just with his mom's side.

Ronan will also take on fun adventures with his dad, Eric Villency. In March 2023, Eric posted a carousel of photos of him and Ronan on a ski trip. He captioned the post, "Incredible week getting to ski record snowfall with my son." It seems like Ronan won't pass up on the opportunity to spend time with the ones he loves, especially since most of the time it's through exciting escapades.

Ronan has acclimated to the Trump lifestyle

When Guilfoyle started dating Donald Trump Jr., she wasn't the only one to join the Trump family. Ronan Villency was her plus one, and he seems to have adapted well. Although, one of the biggest rumors about Kimberly Guilfoyle is that she doesn't get along with members of the Trump family. However, an Instagram post from January 2020 suggested otherwise. The former television personality and Ronan accompanied Don Jr. for a New Year's Eve celebration along with some important members of the Trump family, including Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and their respective spouses. Guilfoyle gushed about the night in the caption, writing, "Truly an incredible beginning to a new year with people I love dearly. Wishing all of you and your families a truly blessed New Year filled with good health and happiness."

As Ronan got older, it hasn't just been the holidays where he adapted to the Trump lifestyle. The young teen suited up for a special political appearance in November 2022. Alongside his mom and several other members of the Trump family, Ronan supported President Donald Trump as he announced his run for re-election. Could this be an inspiration for Ronan to start his own political career? Time will only tell. For now, it seems that Ronan is only taking in all the politics that constantly surround him.