Kate Middleton's Birthday Photo Of Princess Charlotte Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

In celebration of Princess Charlotte's ninth birthday, Kate Middleton shared a fresh photo of the young royal on her and Prince William's Instagram account. And while there have been a ton of well-wishes for the Prince and Princess of Wales' only daughter, much of what's been said has revolved around something we've been saying for years. That is, Princess Charlotte is growing up to look exactly like Princess Diana. Well, like her and Prince William. 

Taking to the comments, many couldn't help but point out Charlotte's strong Spencer genes. As one Instagram user put it, "She is, undoubtedly, the spitting image of Lady Diana and Prince William." Another mused that we may have a Princess Diana doppelganger in a few years' time — while someone else pointed out that she was almost a copy of her father when he was younger. The sentiment was echoed over on X, formerly Twitter. "Beautiful Charlotte, she looks so much like Prince William and also Diana," wrote one commenter.

Of course, this isn't the first time royal watchers have spoken about Charlotte taking after her father's side of the family. Back in 2023, coronation viewers were beside themselves at the young princess' likeness to her paternal grandmother. It's pretty clear, then, that we have another Spencer princess in the making!

Prince William once said he wants his kids to look like Kate

That Princess Charlotte so closely resembles her father's maternal side is pretty funny, considering that a few years ago, he joked about wanting his kids to take after their mom in the appearance department. When introducing Charlotte's older brother, Prince George, Prince William playfully quipped to the media, "He's got her looks, thankfully." Given that William was considered quite the heartthrob in his younger years and has always resembled his own mother, it's clear that his sentiment should be taken with a grain of salt — and with Charlotte set to be Princess Diana's mini-me, that's just as well. 

Appearance aside, it's worth noting that Charlotte has long brought Diana fans to tears. Back in 2021, another Instagram post saw the Prince and Princess of Wales sharing Mother's Day cards their kids had crafted for the grandmother they will never meet. Charlotte's card was particularly heartbreaking, with the young princess writing, "I love you very much. Papa is missing you."

We have no doubts Prince William smiles every time he catches a glimpse of his beloved mom in his daughter, especially as she grows up to resemble the late princess even more. That said, Princess Charlotte is very much her own person — and here's wishing her a very happy birthday!