Hallmark Star Nikki DeLoach Lives A Pretty Normal Life Off Camera

Fortunately, Hallmark star Nikki DeLoach hasn't actually had to cater any events that get disrupted by a murder. And when she's not pretending to serve up a medieval feast (with a side dish of justice), the "Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans" star lives a fairly normal life for someone with her background.

As a child actor, she appeared on "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" alongside a roster of future superstars that included Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. DeLoach and one of her castmates, Britney Spears, were even briefly members of the same girl group. But DeLoach has long since given up her dream of achieving pop music stardom; these days, she puts her vocal talents to use by singing along to Taylor Swift classics while Swiffering her kitchen floor.

DeLoach's husband, Ryan Goodell, also has a background in the music industry. He was once a member of the boy band Take 5 but now works as an entertainment lawyer. DeLoach and Goodell tied the knot in 2009 and have two sons. The couple welcomed William "Hudson" in 2013, and his baby bro Bennett was born in 2017. According to DeLoach, motherhood made her rethink her priorities. "My kids are everything," she told The Retaility. "I will not get this time back." Her dedication to her family is evident on her Instagram page, where she gives her fans a peek inside her life at home. It's not always Hallmark-perfect, but she clearly relishes every second of it.

Nikki DeLoach's relatable mom moments

Nikki DeLoach has opened up about some difficult moments in her life, such as suffering from postpartum depression after her first pregnancy. "That was the hardest thing I've ever been through ... I just felt so tremendously isolated," she told Urban Mommies. By being so honest about her experience, she has offered other struggling mothers some assurance that they are not alone.

DeLoach doesn't just use candor to connect with other moms; she's quite the comedian when it comes to sharing relatable motherhood content on Instagram. For International Women's Day in 2020, DeLoach shared a photo of herself sitting in her car with her eyes closed, her earpods in, and one foot resting on the steering wheel. In her caption, she encouraged her followers to indulge in a little me time, "even if that means hiding from your children, husband and all responsibilities in your car for 20 mins." Then, there's the video of DeLoach standing on top of her kitchen island and using a slotted spoon as a microphone. She's lip-syncing along with Snoop Dogg's famous "I wanna thank me" speech to celebrate her nightly accomplishments: homework was completed, dinner had been served, bathtime was over, and everyone was in bed.

DeLoach has also flaunted the coolest of cool mom outfits. "When you do drop off in the clothes you slept in because you were out late the night before," she captioned a photo of her sweats and assortment of bags.

The Hallmark star's holiday confessions

Nikki DeLoach has starred in several of Hallmark's hallowed holiday movies, including "A Dream of Christmas" and "Cranberry Christmas." In the Hallmark universe, every resident of every quaint Christmas-obsessed town has a gleaming smile as vibrant as the glistening snow blanketing its festive thoroughfare. Oh, and the white stuff always has that perfect marshmallow consistency. But according to DeLoach, Christmas at her house doesn't always resemble one of her films. On Christmas Day in 2023, she snapped a quick family photo and shared it with her Instagram followers. "We haven't showered, brushed our hair or washed our faces," she wrote in the caption. "Two of us haven't gotten out of our PJs. Two of us haven't brushed our teeth. And we couldn't be happier."

For DeLoach, the holidays start out like the plot of a Hallmark movie: The successful Hollywood actor returns to her small hometown in Georgia to celebrate with her family. In 2016, DeLoach told Media from the Heart that her relatives back home have some traditions that make their annual gathering even more special. However, she wasn't bringing Hallmark home with her. She said of her and her husband's struggle to creatively celebrate the season of giving, "We are in that transitional period where we are trying to figure out our own holiday traditions." By 2020, an Elf on the Shelf named Henry had joined her household, and DeLoach shared a photo of the family Christmas tree shopping in 2021.

She's a proud, supportive mom

Speaking to 1000 Hours Outside about her childhood in Georgia, Nikki DeLoach said, "I lived outside in the trees, with the animals getting filthy." She's Los Angeles-based now, but DeLoach's dream is to move the family to a farm someday. In the meantime, she tries to give her sons a small taste of what she experienced. "We do get out of the city as much as we can," she said. At the pandemic's beginning, her family piled up in an RV and took a cross-country road trip to some of America's most popular outdoor vacation destinations, including the Grand Canyon. 

When Hudson was 3 years old, DeLoach achieved soccer mom status. "I'm actually like, kind of in love with this whole soccer group of people," she told Urban Mommies. It also became important for her to show her toddler that she supported her passion. DeLoach said she would even reschedule work commitments to attend his practices.

In 2023, DeLoach wholeheartedly backed Hudson's desire to participate in a childhood rite of passage: setting up a lemonade stand. However, his enterprise was not a selfish endeavor. He was raising money for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, which is where his little brother Bennett underwent heart surgery as a newborn. DeLoach shared some photos of Hudson's handiwork on Instagram and wrote, "He built, painted and constructed this sweet little stand. ... It is giving him so much purpose, while also teaching him the value of hard work!"

Her dog is a beloved member of the family

Nikki DeLoach's dog, a white British labrador named Windsor, joined the family shortly before she gave birth to Bennett. From the sounds of it, the loyal dog realized that his youngest charge needed a little more looking out for after his heart operation. "Windsor was so protective of him," DeLoach told K9 Magazine. "Any time Bennett was about to get a fever, I would know it because Windsor would become very clingy with him."

Windsor was with the family in 2020 when they went road-tripping. That same year, DeLoach shared a special Instagram tribute to her faithful canine companion in celebration of National Dog Day. "This mighty pup puts up with never-ending wrestle sessions, being dressed up in various costumes, and adventures to places he's never been for undetermined amounts of time," she wrote. In one image Windsor looked rather majestic wearing a cape. Apparently, Hudson and Bennett had decided to dress him up like their superhero sidekick.

For National Pet Day in 2021, DeLoach had a more difficult time getting Windsor to pose for a picture. What she ended up with instead were videos of the lab refusing to look at the camera and fleeing when she tried to serenade him with the Bill Withers classic "Lean On Me." During another round of canine karaoke, he was initially chill when DeLoach started singing "Make You Feel My Love" (Adele's version). But when she hit the high notes, Windsor bolted again.

She suffered a concussion while being a supermom

In 2019, Nikki DeLoach executed a heroic mom maneuver to avoid injuring Bennett and ended up bonking her head on the wall so hard that it left a hole in the drywall. She snapped a photo showing the damage to her home and explained what happened on Instagram. "I slipped on some [Magna-tiles] while carrying my baby and torpedoed my head into our wall in order to save him," she wrote. At least she didn't crush Ruth Bader Ginsburg. After the Supreme Court justice's 2020 death, DeLoach revealed that Bennett's favorite toy was once an RBG action figure. "Every night before bed, we would grab his Ruth, read our books and say our prayers, including a prayer for Ruth. ... I can think of no greater role model for my son," she captioned a photo of Bennett cuddling the plastic toy. If only he and his brother had more toy role models and fewer Magna-tile.

Being the dedicated mom that she is, DeLoach didn't let her head injury get in the way of her boys having a good time. A few days later, she shared photos of her family at Disneyland, Hudson's chosen celebration location for his sixth birthday. "Nothing (not even a concussion) could keep me from celebrating this weekend with my oldest at the happiest place on earth," she wrote on Instagram. After that demonstration of motherly love, hopefully, Hudson never left a Magna-tile on the floor again.