Ridiculously Expensive Outfits Ivanka Trump Has Worn

Being one of the daughters of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump grew up in the spotlight. When her father became president of the United States, Ivanka took on a role as his advisor in the White House, which allowed her to mingle with world leaders and politicians. While attending important events, both at home and abroad, Ivanka started wearing some incredibly expensive outfits, many of which were critiqued by the general public.

During a 2015 interview with Harper's Bazaar, Ivanka opened up about how she selects her outfits. "My go-to look during the week is a well-tailored dress and heels," she explained. "Accessories are crucial. A great bag and a piece of statement jewelry are the fastest way to elevate an otherwise understated look. I also always have a pair of chic flats under my desk to slip in to."

From surprisingly pricey suits to decadent gowns and dresses, here are some of the most ridiculously expensive outfits Ivanka Trump has worn.

Ivanka's 2020 debate outfit cost upwards of $10,000

In September 2020, Ivanka Trump traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, to attend the first round of presidential debates between her dad, Donald Trump, and his opponent, Joe Biden, ahead of the election. As a senior advisor to the president in the White House, Ivanka's presence was likely required, and she certainly pulled out all of the stops when it came to fashion. For the occasion, Ivanka opted for a sleek Gabriela Hearst pantsuit, which wasn't cheap. While the blazer reportedly cost $3,210 alone, pants similar to those worn by the former president's daughter retail for $1,190. As if the outfit wasn't expensive enough already, Ivanka was photographed carrying an enviable quilted Chanel bag made from white leather, which apparently carries a $4,700 price tag.

Unsurprisingly, many people weren't all that impressed by the huge amount of money Ivanka spent on her debate outfit, which apparently totaled more than $10,000. Critiquing the look, one X user (formerly Twitter) took to the platform to write, "Ivanka's debate outfit cost more than trump paid in taxes." Another commentator took aim at how much money Ivanka had spent on the look, writing on X, "People are sick, dying, and jobless. Ivanka spent at least $7,900 USD dollars on her debate day outfit. The cost of her gold and pearl earrings is unknown."

Ivanka rocked a $12,888 gown for a state dinner

In April 2018, Ivanka Trump brought her A-game when she attended a state dinner at the White House in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron. The event was hosted by Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, and it seems that the evening was a chic affair. Ivanka wore a stunning pink polka dot tulle gown by Rodarte, featuring ruffled layers and a floral embellishment on the front. The dress reportedly cost an incredible $12,888, and the president's daughter accessorized the outfit with a simple pair of black heels.

If Ivanka's dress looks familiar, that's because it quickly became a favorite among celebrities. Having debuted on the runway at haute couture fashion week in Paris, France, in July 2017, Kirsten Dunst was photographed in the elegant gown on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival in September 2017. "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown subsequently wore a white version of the gown when she attended the Brit Awards in February 2018. And when Mandy Moore married Taylor Goldsmith in November 2018, she wore a custom-made version of the gown, which was the perfect bridal look. Basically, Ivanka's state dinner outfit was literally fit for a bride.

Her 2017 wreath-laying outfit was a costly Oscar de la Renta look

Ivanka Trump isn't afraid to make a statement when it comes to wearing bold colors. On January 19, 2017, the day before Donald Trump's inauguration, Ivanka stepped out in an emerald green coat with a matching dress underneath, both by respected designer Oscar de la Renta. The two-piece outfit reportedly cost as much as $6,280, and Ivanka completed the look with a pair of nude heels and some oversized sunglasses.

Having already been photographed wearing the outfit in New York City, Ivanka shared an Instagram photo of her family arriving at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. She captioned the picture, "Arriving in Washington DC with my family. A very special moment!" After their arrival, the family were then photographed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery where they laid a wreath. Ivanka's outfit seemed to make a huge impression on onlookers, with some publications suggesting that her style took the attention away from the first lady herself, Melania Trump.

She wore an $11,600 Carolina Herrera dress to mix with royalty

In June 2019, the Trump family took a trip to the United Kingdom, where they attended a state banquet at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth II. The decadent affair saw the Trumps socializing with members of the British royal family and important members of society, with all attendees dressed to the nines. For the white-tie event, Ivanka Trump wore a floor-length Carolina Herrera gown, which retailed for approximately $11,600. The gorgeous blue silk gown was adorned with sparkling embellishments and featured both a smart shirt collar and bow sleeve detailing. Ivanka completed her regal outfit with large pearl earrings and a layered pearl necklace.

Despite wearing a very expensive dress for the event, some critics accused Ivanka of making a fashion faux pas when it came to dressing for a state dinner at the palace. Speaking to the Daily Mail, British etiquette coach William Hanson explained, "Ivanka Trump's look was perfect ... for an Upper East Side corporate garden party." He continued, "It did cover all the requisite parts that need concealing for formal British evening occasions such as state banquets but it didn't quite hit the mark, however beautiful a color and fabric it may have been." Regardless of whether Ivanka's outfit was suitable for the occasion or not, the $11,600 price tag was still more than a little impressive.

Ivanka opted for a blue pantsuit worth more than $3,000

In May 2019, Ivanka Trump captured everyone's attention when she appeared at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California. The former president's daughter spoke alongside some of the world's most influential people at the event while wearing a powder blue pantsuit from designer Partow. She wore a simple white shirt underneath her suit jacket and completed the smart look with a pair of black high heels. Made from a combination of virgin wool and silk, the suit jacket originally retailed for $1,895, while the matching pants cost $1,195. 

While $3,090 might seem like a lot to spend on a suit, Ivanka certainly made the most of the striking ensemble. In September 2019, she was photographed wearing the two-piece once again, this time during a visit to the Alabama Robotics Technology Park, where she discussed the importance of apprenticeships. Switching up the outfit for the new occasion, Ivanka opted for nude stilettos and a simple cream vest top underneath the suit jacket. Despite rarely being seen wearing the same outfit twice, Ivanka proved that her baby blue Partow pantsuit is a wardrobe staple.

Ivanka splashed the cash for a day in court

Ivanka Trump wanted to avoid testifying at her father, Donald Trump's fraud trial in New York City, but a judge decided that the former president's daughter had to make an appearance in court. As a result, Ivanka was photographed arriving at a courthouse in Manhattan on November 8, 2023, with onlookers eagerly critiquing her outfit. Images of Ivanka quickly circulated online, with the former fashion designer wearing a fitted navy blazer and matching pants, both by sustainable fashion brand Another Tomorrow. The suit jacket originally retailed for $1,490, while the designer pants cost $790. Underneath the suit, Ivanka donned a plain white T-shirt, and she chose a pair of navy Jimmy Choo "Romy 85" heels carrying a $775 price tag. 

Earlier in the day, Ivanka was spotted leaving her apartment wearing a stylish Carolina Herrera coat, which is apparently a favorite of the former White House advisor. At $4,990, the overcoat was far from cheap, but Ivanka has reportedly worn the item on multiple occasions. Finally, she carried a sleek Chanel tote bag, which reportedly cost as much as $3,400. With an outfit totaling more than $11,445, it's perhaps unsurprising that Ivanka's fashion and makeup choices completely eclipsed her testimony during Donald's fraud case.

Ivanka copied Kate Middleton with one expensive outfit

During the Trump family's trip to the United Kingdom in June 2019, Ivanka Trump took her fashion cues from the Princess of Wales herself. While attending events at Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey alongside senior royals, including Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III, Ivanka opted for a demure white pleated skirt by Alessandra Rich, which reached below her knees, and a long-sleeved peplum jacket, accentuated by a large belt. She completed the outfit with a matching fascinator hat and nude PVC heels by Gianvito Rossi. 

While the skirt reportedly cost £855 (approximately $1,063), Ivanka's Alessandra Rich jacket cost an eye-watering £1,558.96 (approximately $1,938). Her Gianvito Rossi shoes usually retail for around $700, making her trip to London very expensive indeed. However, it's likely that Ivanka's understated fashion choices were purposeful for the occasion, mainly because Kate Middleton is a big fan of Alessandra Rich's clothing. By modeling her outfit to the princess' style, Ivanka made sure she was dressed correctly for the events she attended alongside the royal family.

Ivanka chose a $3,600 Valentino outfit for the G20 summit in Japan

Ivanka Trump traveled to Japan in June 2019 alongside Donald Trump, who was still then president of the United States, to attend the G20 summit. At the prestigious event, the pair met with leaders from all over the world, and Ivanka most definitely dressed to impress. For the occasion, Ivanka wore a silk Valentino dress, which featured a pink and white print of snowdrop flowers. The floaty dress included a tied bow at the neckline, along with long bell sleeves, and the president's daughter wore a skinny white belt around her waist. 

Unfortunately, not everyone supported Ivanka's appearance at the G20 summit, with one X user writing, "I like Ivanka' s dress. Not only is it my favorite color pink, but it's a VALENTINO. I love the bell sleeves. But for THAT kind of high powered gathering? Not appropriate. She should have worn a power suit, too." Another commentator was even less impressed by the outfit, writing on the platform, "That pink Valentino dress looks like the dress funeral homes keep on hand to bury old women in." They continued, "No offense or anything, Ivanka."

The beautiful dress reportedly cost $4,590, and Ivanka held on to the piece even after the G20 summit was over. In March 2021, she was photographed wearing the same outfit while visiting Jared Kushner's brother Joshua in Miami.

Ivanka was spotted in Washington, D.C. wearing a matching skirt set

Ivanka Trump doesn't need an important engagement to attend in order to wear an exceedingly expensive outfit. In April 2017, she was photographed in Washington, D.C., with her husband, Jared Kushner, and she opted for a pricey Oscar de la Renta outfit. While the intricately embroidered lace skirt reportedly cost $2,890, her white long-sleeved lace shirt was $2,070, making the two-piece set worth $4,960. She completed the serious yet sweet outfit by wearing a pair of nude heels and carrying a baby pink clutch bag, which was reportedly released by her very own fashion brand.

The same month, Ivanka gave an interview to "CBS Mornings," telling Gayle King that she'd taken a major step back from running the Ivanka Trump clothing brand to enter politics. "I have no involvement with any of that," she explained. "I felt like proximity to my father and to the White House ... I didn't wanna also be running a business. So I put it into trust. I have independent trustees. I have no involvement in its management, in this oversight and its strategic decision making." In July 2018, it was reported that Ivanka had taken the difficult decision to close down her namesake brand in order to work exclusively in the White House during her father's tenure as president.

Ivanka played football at the White House in a $2,200 black Gucci dress

Most people don sportswear to engage in physical activities such as football, but not Ivanka Trump. Appearing at the White House Sports and Fitness Day, which takes place every year, in May 2018, Ivanka wore a fitted Gucci dress, which featured red accents and buttons consisting of the brand's famous logo. The striking dress reportedly cost $2,200, which is certainly a lot of money to pay for an outfit to wear on field day. The president's daughter kept her accessories to a minimum, finishing the look with a pair of black flat Mary Jane shoes. Ivanka even played some football at the event, in spite of wearing such an expensive outfit.

Posting photos from the event on Instagram, Ivanka celebrated the occasion, writing, "Today President Trump hosted #FieldDay at the White House with the announced President's Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. Together, we reaffirmed our commitment to increasing #YouthSports participation, because all children deserve the chance to play."

Ivanka Trump wowed in a $3,495 gown in Las Vegas

In December 2023, Ivanka Trump headed to Las Vegas, where she celebrated the opening of the Fontainebleau Hotel and Casino. Sharing photos and video clips from the evening on Instagram, Ivanka revealed she saw Justin Timberlake performing live at the venue while spending time with famous friends like Kim Kardashian. She captioned her post, "Viva Las Vegas ! Bringing some Miami spice to LV !" For the fancy occasion, Ivanka wore a jaw-dropping Monique Lhuillier gown that apparently retailed for $3,495. The stunning strapless dress was black besides the front of the skirt section, which was adorned with sparkling silver sequins. Showing off just how glittery her dress was, Ivanka posed next to a giant disco ball at the venue.

Alongside Kardashian, the hotel and casino opening drew a large selection of celebrities, including Eva Longoria, Bryan Cranston, and music icon Cher. Now that she's no longer working in the White House, it seems that Ivanka has more time to attend swanky parties.

Ivanka wore a $50,000 gown and $220,000 of jewelry on her wedding day

If you've ever wondered what Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's wedding was really like, the simple answer is decadent. The couple wed on October 25, 2009, at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Ivanka's delicate lace wedding gown was created by Vera Wang and reportedly cost the bride $50,000. The custom-made garment was apparently styled after Hollywood icon turned princess Grace Kelly, with Ivanka wearing a pair of $130,000 earrings to complete her bridal look. Overall, the bride's jewelry reportedly cost $220,000, with all of the pieces being chosen from the Ivanka Trump Collection, because there's no better day to sell your products than on your wedding day.

A whole host of celebrities reportedly attended the extravagant nuptials, with Russell Crowe, Natalie Portman, and Anna Wintour making the guest list. Ivanka's father apparently made a very short toast at the wedding, telling his daughter and new son-in-law, "Be happy and enjoy your life," via People. With such a high price tag for Ivanka's outfit alone, the wedding was presumably a memorable affair.