How Tom Selleck Slyly Hinted Blue Bloods Might Not End After All

Everyone saw it coming, but no one actually wanted it to happen. After dominating television for nearly a decade and a half, "Blue Bloods" had been given the boot by CBS, with reports chalking it up to budget cuts and financial drama. Despite the police procedural reportedly being the third most-watched drama on television, it had to say goodbye to the airwaves — except maybe for Tom Selleck, Frank Reagan himself, who refuses to let the series go just yet.

Selleck expressed his deep appreciation for the fans in a heartfelt statement following the announcement, saying how grateful it is to have been part of their lives through nearly 300 episodes. It was an "honor and a privilege to work on a show that not only celebrates the men and women who protect and serve in New York City, but also displayed the importance of family," he said in a statement obtained by Variety. But don't take that as his farewell speech, as the actor has always taken the stance that "Blue Bloods" has enduring appeal. "I don't think there is an end point," he told People in 2020. "I think there is a lot of life in the show, as long as you let your characters grow and get older."

While the show will wrap after the 14th season, fans cling to a glimmer of hope that it might find a way to continue in one way or another. And per Selleck, there are still many stories left to tell.

Tom says his Blue Bloods character has unfinished business

If you find comfort in the family dinners that cap off "Blue Blood" episodes, Tom Selleck does, too. He finds a special kind of solace in these dinners, much like the fans who've also grown to love them. "That meal, at the end of the episode, and Leonard's gift of casting are probably why we are still around," he told USA Today. In fact, he may be as attached to them as much as he's attached to his character. "I love the role. And he's not done. I'm not done. And I think there's plenty of room for the show," he added.

The cancellation of "Blue Bloods" after fourteen seasons has left a void for Selleck and the show's fanbase, yet the actor remains hopeful. Speaking with TV Insider, Selleck argued that the show is more beloved than ever and shared that he sees a ton of untapped potential for new storylines. "CBS will find an awful lot of people aren't ready to say goodbye to it," he divulged. "The show's more popular than ever, and I think [numbers] will increase with the interest this year ... We're certainly not out of ideas." He even rejected any talk of retirement, eager to continue stepping into Reagan's shoes. "I love the work. Sometimes the hours are a little harder because I'm older, but so what?" he continued. "I want work as long as they'll have me."

Is a Blue Bloods spinoff in the works?

For the most part, Tom Selleck seems resigned to the early conclusion of "Blue Bloods," yet his comments suggest he won't fully close the door on returning to the series. Despite the show's impending finale, Selleck detects ongoing enthusiasm from the fans, which leaves him hopeful. "I see a lot of very upset people out there. We'll see what happens," he said in the USA Today interview.

Even his co-stars have echoed his sentiments. Donnie Wahlberg, who plays detective Danny Reagan, dished on "Andy Cohen Live" that the 14th season was only purportedly the last, and hinted that there may be something in the works for this character. Could it be a spinoff? Or will there be something to look forward to after the 14th season? "There are rumblings, so we'll see what happens," he dished.

Meanwhile, showrunner Kevin Wade, for his part, initially shunned the idea of a spinoff but hasn't ruled it out entirely. He previously said that it might happen to one member of the family. "That will be when the show ends one day, if somebody has an idea to take a couple of the characters and put them in a new situation, that would be great," he explained to Pop Culture. As to which Reagan might lead such a venture, only time will tell!