Why Travis Kelce Calling Taylor Swift His 'Significant Other' Over Girlfriend Could Be Major Code

Taylor Swift might not have penned "End Game" with Travis Kelce in mind, but judging by Kelce's own words, he could very well be the man she'd exchanged vows with — that is, if Swifties' hunch is anything to go by. In the couple's most recent outing, Kelce referred to Swift as his "significant other," which some fans are convinced is a secret code for fiancée. Can we expect the two to walk down the aisle anytime soon?

On April 27, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end brought the "Fortnight" singer as his date to the charity auction for Patrick Mahomes' 15 and Mahomies Foundation in Las Vegas. In a surprise move, Kelce announced that he and Swift were throwing in a bonus auction item — tickets to the sold-out Eras Tour. "I just talked to my significant other," the NFL star said. "We might have one other auction item that wasn't on the docket. Has anybody heard of the Eras tour? There might be a fun game where there are four tickets to the New Orleans, Miami, or Minneapolis dates when the Eras tour comes back to the United States. Does that fire anybody up right now?" Per auctioneer Harry Santa-Olalla, the tickets ended up raising $80,000 for the charity, which would go directly to the benefit of children.

While the charitable gesture was a big win for the beneficiaries, it was Kelce's "significant other" comment that really got everyone buzzing, sparking engagement rumors among Swifties. Are these two headed for a happily ever after?

Fans think Taylor and Travis are engaged


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Fans are taking Travis Kelce's casual drop of "significant other" as a sign that he and Taylor Swift have taken their relationship to the next level. While the pair has yet to celebrate their first anniversary, their love for each other is undeniable, so it won't come as a surprise if Kelce had indeed popped the question in secret.

"I'm not going to speculate on them being engaged because no one knows either way. But 'my significant other' is on a whole other level," one Swiftie tweeted, while a fan commented on TikTok, "I'm trying to figure out if they are engaged or if they are just so comfortable with each other." There are also some fans who are keeping it real, pointing out that "significant other" might just be Kelce's way of saying Swift is more than just a girlfriend. "I do feel like it's pretty common for people in their 30's who are in serious relationships but not married to use significant other/partner instead of GF/BF! I feel like it indicates a serious relationship but that wasn't really in question?" another fan tweeted.

Engaged or not, everyone is on the edge of their seats, waiting for these two to make it official. A source even said that it might happen when they reach their first anniversary. "Taylor and Travis discussed it and there is a plan," they told Page Six. "They will get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July." If this turns out to be true, we guess the two will have a not-so-cruel summer!