Plastic Surgeon Tells Us Eva Mendes' Gravity-Defying New Look Could Have 6-Figure Price Tag

Eva Mendes' March appearance on "Today" sparked rumors that the "Hitch" star's gravity-defying new look was the result of plastic surgery. While Mendes appeared on the morning show to talk about balancing her career with motherhood, fans honed in on her face and started speculating about which cosmetic procedures she'd possibly indulged in over the years. One TikTok user theorized that Mendes might've overindulged in fillers. "The more we touch our face, the more we may end up like our girl," the user explained. "And maybe she's just going through something, maybe she's just a little puffy, but It looks like a little filler migration," she added. And now, amid Mendes' batch of up-close shots posted to Instagram, we can't help but wonder what secrets she has up her sleeve.

To better understand whether Mendes' transformation is because of plastic surgery, Elasq reached out to Beverly Hills Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Davis, who had nothing but positive things to say about Mendes' appearance. 

"First off, she looks amazing," said Davis, in response to the carousel of images above. "As I'm not her surgeon, I cannot attest if anything has been specifically done or not," Davis added, further deconstructing Mendes' ageless beauty. "I will say her facial structure is well balanced with high cheekbones, minimal mid-face hollowing, nice crisp jawline, a lifted or 'snatched' neck, and great skin care." The surgeon also detailed the path Mendes could have taken to achieve said results — along with the mind-boggling price tag attached to similar procedures.

Eva Mendes' new look could've cost over $200,000

Dr. Patrick Davis supplied us with a list of procedures someone who wanted to look ageless might request and when they might start. "I'm finding that, more and more, patients will come for a neck, face, and/or mid-face lift at younger and younger ages to obtain a more lasting benefit," he said, who also explained that younger patients respond better to surgery. "Additionally, the face tends to resist gravity more effectively, especially with techniques like the deep plane technique that will actually have the tissue adhere more strongly to the underlying facial frame and resist gravity much more effectively," Davis added. "This is likely the reason certain individuals appear to be ageless into their 50s, 60s, and 70s, advanced surgical techniques will make the face resist gravity and delay the normal aging process."

Although Mendes hasn't opened up about any particular cosmetic procedures, if she opted for the majority of these procedures, she would've spent a fortune trying to alter her looks, as Davis revealed they are not cheap by any means. "It is difficult to say, a deep plane facelift, neck lift, and additionally facial surgery can run between $35K-200K depending on the facial need," Davis explained. "Again, I'm not saying she had any of these things performed, but this is the range. Routine filler, Botox, laser treatments can range into the $1-4K per visit 3-4 times a year," he added. Well, at least Mendes and her partner, Ryan Gosling, are loaded!

What has Eva Mendes said about plastic surgery?

Eva Mendes hasn't gotten around to responding to the latest round of chit-chat regarding her appearance, but she's certainly not afraid to address unruly Instagram fans. In 2021, Mendes made headlines when she responded to a fan who claimed she hadn't been visible on social media because she was ashamed of the plastic surgery she'd gotten. Mendes responded by revealing that she was prioritizing family time over social media. And once that went viral, she responded again to clarify her stance on plastic surgery. "Regarding this 'headline,...ummm... Kinda. Sorta. But not really," said Mendes on Instagram (via AOL). "Never 'denied plastic surgery.' All I did was reply to a specific comment on [social media]. Would never deny that stuff. I'm all for it. All. For. It."

In 2015, Mendes spoke with Red and shared more about her thoughts on aging and plastic surgery. While discussing her Estée Lauder campaign, Mendes said, "[It's time] to rethink the [anti-aging] dialogue that's out there. It feels passé and unrealistic. It's important to me to be part of a company that really celebrates and empowers women." She added, "But I certainly don't have a judgment about plastic surgery or anything like that. For me, it's whatever makes you happy. I want a cream that makes me look less tired as much as the next woman." 

Well, there you have it. Mendes is open to the idea of plastic surgery, although what she's had done, if anything, remains a mystery.