The Reason You Don't See Much Of Anna Paquin Anymore Is Heartbreaking

Actor Anna Paquin has been nailing her roles since childhood, but there's a good reason why she's been a bit off the radar lately.

At the age of 11, Paquin took home an Academy Award for best supporting actress for her role in 1993's "The Piano." Still, Paquin revealed to The Guardian that she doesn't consider that win to be her crowning accomplishment. "I hope that's yet to come. My Oscar? That was a combination of Holly Hunter being an amazing actress, Jane being an extraordinary director and me being in the right place at the right time," Paquin shared with the outlet in 2019. "I had no idea what I was doing. It's given me this amazing life, but it's not the highlight of my career." We understand her perspective, given everything that Paquin has achieved since.

The next phase of Paquin's career involved landing roles in a string of critically acclaimed movie and television projects, including "Jane Eyre" and "Amistad." However, Paquin's career really soared in popularity during the early 2000s after she landed a role in the popular "X-Men" franchise and the equally popular TV series, "True Blood," which aired from 2008 until 2014. Paquin has continued to work steadily throughout her career, sometimes even with fellow actor Stephen Moyer, her former "True Blood" co-star and husband (like on their brand new film, "A Bit of Light"), but she hasn't been nearly as visible in recent years. Unfortunately, the beloved actor is suffering from an unknown health issue.

Anna Paquin has an unknown health condition

Anna Paquin stepped out to promote her and her husband Stephen Moyer's film, "A Bit of Light," in April 2024, marking her first red carpet appearance since she submitted the film to festivals in the fall of 2022. Unfortunately, Paquin seemed to be dealing with an unknown health issue that required the use of a cane. While speaking with People, Paquin, who's also been weathering speech-related issues, revealed that she'd been dealing with her health affliction for the past two years. "It hasn't been easy," she said. Paquin shared with the outlet that she remained grateful for being able to follow her dreams. "My first love was independent filmmaking," she said. "That's how I entered the film industry."

During an appearance on the "Today" show to further promote the film, Paquin spoke more about her secret medical issue after co-host Hoda Kotb asked her about her cane use. Paquin replied, "I'm having a good day today. Thank you for asking." However, Paquin wasn't ready to speak about her condition. "I'll probably be ready to talk about that at some point," she added. The actor shared a similar message during a joint interview with Moyer for ABC News. "I'm having a good day today, and it's very kind of you to ask [about my health], and at some point when I'm not blabbing endlessly about my work, I will probably elaborate on that." However, Paquin believes that she'll use her platform when she's ready.

Anna Paquin shows her fans gratitude

Anna Paquin's fans have responded to news of her secret health issue with words of encouragement. "Zoomed into the article where it says you are having health issues you are not yet ready to discuss in regards to the usage of the cane," wrote one user on Instagram. "Just glad to see you doing and promoting what you love! Whether the cane is a permanent or temporary accessory to life, as a fan, thank you for doing what you do." Several more fans thanked Paquin for helping to destigmatize the use of mobility aids. "Looking fab, as always! I do hope you are ok. As someone who uses a cane regularly, I love seeing you not being afraid to be seen using one! Sending light and positive vibes," wrote another fan.

During an interview with ET, Paquin thanked her supporters for the kind and supportive words they've showered her with. "I am extraordinarily touched and moved by people showing that they care and being interested and kind about it," said Paquin. She also reiterated her previous message about opening up about her health issues on her own terms "At some point I will probably elaborate on my own platform in my own words. I'm just really grateful for the support," she added. Hopefully, she's able to do just that!