The One Plastic Surgery Procedure HGTV's Christina Hall Regrets

Christina Hall has struggled with health issues for years, but no medical professional or test has gotten to the root cause. In her quest, the HGTV star started looking at an unlikely culprit: her breast implants. One of her main complaints is stomach pain, a symptom she has experienced intermittently since 2016, she shared in an October 2021 Instagram post. She was put on several different medications, but all they did was mask the pain. Hall wanted to get to the why, and that's why she started looking at her implants.

But beyond the breast augmentation surgery, Hall has other, more definitive causes of some of her unexplained symptoms, many of which point to autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto's disease, PCOS, and Raynaud's syndrome. In December 2022, the "Flip or Flop" alum revealed she tested high for lead and mercury. "Most likely from all the gross houses I've been in (the bad flips)," she wrote in an Instagram Story (via Today). Hall's scan also detected abnormal bacterial growth in her small intestines.

The heavy metal poisoning and bacteria overgrowth could explain some of her ailments — but not all. Even though she underwent treatment for both, she still wanted to investigate her implants as a possible cause. "So we are first detoxing of all this through herbs and IVs and then see how I feel and tackle implants," she wrote. While Hall has managed her symptoms through diet, stress-management techniques, and medical treatments, she wants to get to the bottom of it.

Christina Hall thinks she may have breast implant illness

In January 2023, Christiana Hall revealed she was considering undoing her boob job. "I have a couple of appointments about getting my implants removed," she told E! News. After undergoing so many treatments, Hall began to suspect that the implants were having adverse health effects. Sometimes called breast implant illness, the prostheses have been associated with several symptoms, including fatigue, memory loss, and joint pain, according to the FDA. Amid her health journey, Hall is willing to try anything.

The previous month, she had discussed her fears with her fans. "I've had some unexplained health stuff for years and now I'm considering the thought that this could be Breast implant related. Does anyone else have any experience with this subject? I'm curious on all the ladies take on this," she wrote in an Instagram post. She listed her symptoms, which included skin rashes, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, and hormonal and metabolic issues.

Hall found supporters of her hypothesis in the comments section, with some followers sharing that their symptoms subsided after getting the implants removed. "Sorry to say, but yes, it's the implants. Explanting will change your life. Promise!" one commenter wrote. However, breast implant illness isn't a formal diagnosis, and studies have yet to find a definitive link between the procedure and the symptoms. But Hall isn't alone in her concerns. Other stars have had breast implants removed after experiencing similar symptoms, including Danica Patrick and Michelle Visage. 

Christina Hall also had under-eye fillers removed for health reasons

Before she turned her attention to her implants, Christina Hall had reversed another cosmetic procedure. In April 2022, Hall's under-eye fillers became inflamed, causing swelling, she shared on her Instagram Stories in December 2022 (via Daily Mail). "Super swollen and it wouldn't go down with time," she wrote over a photo of focusing on her eyes. In the next story, she shared an image after the reversal. "After dissolving with hyaluronidase and ultra sound frequency treatments to remove all the filler," she wrote. "Never again."

In addition to reversing some of the cosmetic procedures that may have negatively impacted her health, Hall also manages her symptoms through lifestyle changes. Above all, she is focusing on diet. She has given up gluten and avoids dairy, two food groups that many believe cause inflammation in the body. "Basically if I don't eat SUPER clean I get a horrible burning sensation," she wrote in the October 2021 Instagram post.

Over the years, Hall's health issues have been up and down. Some treatments have helped while others haven't. In November 2023, she shared she had been feeling better than she had in a long time, though figuring out why was tricky. "I feel good! I do a lot to take care of myself & manage autoimmune. So, not sure exactly what's working... But I think it's the stem cell IV I did 4 months ago!" she wrote in an Instagram Story (via House Beautiful).