Signs The Trump Family's Leading Ladies Aren't Fans Of Lara Trump

Lara Trump is letting everyone know that she's now running the MAGA show after reportedly getting mean-girled by Ivanka Trump. Back when Ivanka was the star of her family's political soap opera, everyone wanted to compare her to the doll who is everything. Ana Navarro called her "Nepotism Barbie," while "Harry Potter" actor Jason Isaacs dubbed her "Brainless Barbie" in a tweet, and political strategist Steve Schmidt tweeted that Ivanka has sealed her fate as "an aging, corrupt, villainous Barbie." But in October 2023, Lara attempted to claim Ivanka's toy title for herself. For Halloween, she dressed up like "MAGA Barbie."

These days, Ivanka probably wouldn't be willing to fight Lara for the right to claim her pink MAGA hat. After Donald Trump failed to win four more years in the White House, she made like Margot Robbie's disillusioned doll and left her old life behind. While Ivanka decided that she wanted nothing to do with her dad's third presidential campaign, Lara became more ambitious, rising through the familial ranks to become the Donald-endorsed co-chair of the RNC. "The Making of Donald Trump" author David Cay Johnston told The Times, "Donald likes to promote women who will do his bidding, he wants women who he can control and Lara fits that role." But while Lara has found favor with her father-in-law, there was a time he reportedly gossiped about her behind her back — and according to Donald's ex-attorney Michael Cohen, Ivanka joined in.

Ivanka Trump purportedly called Lara Trump a cruel name

On his "Political Beatdown" podcast, Michael Cohen claimed that Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump used to share a low opinion of Lara Trump. "They all made fun of her looks. They just didn't like her at all," he said. During another episode of the podcast, Cohen revealed that the trio used to refer to Lara Trump as "Horse Face" — the same cruel nickname Donald Trump has called Stormy Daniels, the adult film director he allegedly had an extramarital affair with.

According to Cohen, the covert loathing of Lara lasted until Eric Trump asked her to marry him. She was welcomed into the Trump fold with an engagement ring from Ivanka's old jewelry line, and Ivanka also served as one of Lara's bridesmaids at her 2014 wedding.

But in 2023, Ivanka sparked rumors of a family feud by hiring her own attorney for the Trump Organization civil fraud trial. The move put Lara in an awkward position. When the Daily Mail asked her about Ivanka's decision not to use the same legal team as her brothers, she stated, "I think people are trying to make that a bigger deal than it really is." According to the publication, Lara answered in the affirmative when asked if she spends time with Ivanka but seemed eager to switch subjects. The topic she was reportedly more interested in chatting about was how great she and Donald Sr. get along. 

Lara Trump and Melania Trump might not be close

When the occasion arises, Lara Trump is always willing to provide a positive quote about Melania Trump. "I think our First Lady, Melania, and my sister-in-law Ivanka have impeccable style," she told Hello! in 2017. Lara also called Melania "the most beautiful first lady we ever had" in a 2021 Fox Business interview (via The U.S. Sun). But while Lara is great at doing PR for Melania, there have been some indications that the two women aren't particularly close.

Lara's birthday shoutout to Melania in 2024 was oddly impersonal. Instead of creating a personalized message for her husband's stepmother, Lara reposted a conservative website's birthday wishes for Melania on her Instagram Story. According to Wonderwall, Melania also didn't appear to be in attendance at Lara's 2017 baby shower. However, Eric Trump's mother was there. Donald Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump, didn't have the warmest relationship with Melania. In a 2017 ABC News interview, Ivana insisted that she, not Melania, was first lady. 

Lara seemed to have a stronger relationship with Ivana than with Melania. When Ivana died in 2022, Lara spoke at her funeral, and she had some glowing things to say about her late mother-in-law in a "Fox & Friends" tribute. "She was incredibly funny and witty, and nobody could tell a joke quite like her," said Lara, "and so I have incredible memories of some lunches that my husband and I had with her in New York."