Our Photo Editor On Kimberly Guilfoyle's IG: Yep, That's Facetune

When something looks too good to be true, it usually is. That's certainly the case with Kimberly Guilfoyle's Instagram photos, showing her sparkling white teeth, flawless skin, and peachy complexion. Plastic surgery rumors have plagued Guilfoyle for years, and legions of haters have accused the former news host of overdoing the Botox and filler injections. Guilfoyle has remained uncharacteristically quiet on the subject; still, whether she's a fan of the needle or not, she's definitely a fanatic when it comes to photo-altering apps that give you a digital facial or facelift with a simple swipe, smoothing skin and removing blemishes.

But don't just take our word for it. We spoke to a bonafide expert who knows a thing or two about altering images: Alana Alicea, Photo Editor & Graphic Designer at Star Pop Studio. "Yes, [Guilfoyle's] images are definitely edited!! I would say she uses an app like Facetune or FaceApp, which can seamlessly make your face look absolutely stunning and perfect," Alicea told Elasq exclusively. "It is widespread to edit IG photos if you are an influencer or public figure."

Alicea points to the fact that Guilfoyle's skin shows no signs of the imperfections mere mortals have, such as blemishes, bumps, pores, and uneven skin coloring. She also notes that Guilfoyle's eyes are as white as the driven snow, another indicator of digital manipulation. "Makeup alone does not do this to a face, well maybe in the first 20 minutes of wearing it but not all day/night," Alicea concluded.

Will the real Kimberly Guilfoyle please stand up?

Kimberly Guilfoyle used to be a model and a successful TV host, so it's no surprise she's naturally blessed in the looks department. However, since Guilfoyle got engaged to Donald Trump Jr., her appearance seems to change daily. Whether it's due to cosmetic surgery or digital doctoring (or a combination of both) we will likely never know, as Guilfoyle definitely won't discuss that issue anytime soon. Regardless of the cause, it's clear that Guilfoyle's appearance is evolving — and the transformation has not gone unnoticed by her fans and critics.

In a photo shared to her Facebook in December 2023, Guilfoyle's appearance raised eyebrows. Followers were quick to voice their concerns, with one writing, "Kimberly, you are beautiful. But please, stop with the lip fillers. You are truly messing them up. Our family loves you, but girl, enough is enough." Another commenter urged Guilfoyle to embrace her natural looks, saying, "STOP trying to change yourself. You are lovely within your own natural beauty."

In April 2024, one of Guilfoyle's "Instagram vs. reality" moments exposed the extent of digital alteration in her social media photos. A shot taken by Guilfoyle's preferred photographer (and probable Photoshopper), Madison Buff, at a charity event appeared in stark contrast when publisher and entrepreneur Chase Backer posted a candid photo. The marked difference between the two images — and the mysterious disappearance of Backer's unfiltered photo — further fueled speculation about Guilfoyle's Facetune obsession.