King Charles' New Move Amid Funeral Gossip Has Everyone Suspicious

After a little more than two months out of the public eye, it appears King Charles III is ready to get back to work. However, while many have applauded his return to his royal duties, the announcement has some people feeling a bit suspicious.

In February 2024, Buckingham Palace revealed a tragic detail about Charles, sharing that he had been diagnosed with cancer. They said, "During The King's recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer." Charles' diagnosis had everyone thinking the same dark thing: Would his health get worse? After the announcement of Charles' condition, the monarch took a step back from the spotlight, allowing his son, Prince William, to take on more duties while he sought treatment. Speculation began to circulate that perhaps William would take the throne sooner than people thought, but it turns out, that's not the case.

Buckingham Palace has officially spilled the tea that King Charles will return to his royal duties next week. In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, on April 26, 2024, The Royal Family account wrote, "His Majesty The King will shortly return to public-facing duties after a period of treatment and recuperation following his recent cancer diagnosis." One of his first appearances will be alongside his wife, Queen Camilla, when they visit a cancer center treatment together on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. While people are happy to see King Charles in better spirits, many are still left with questions about how Charles was able to make such a quick recovery. 

King Charles' return to public service has raised questions about Kate Middleton's health

King Charles' announcement about returning to public duties has left some people even more confused than they were before. The announcement that Charles would undergo treatments for his cancer diagnosis and postpone public duties came only a couple short months ago. Knowing the seriousness of his illness, as well as his advanced age — he turned 75 in November 2023 — many assumed it would be a while before he returned to the spotlight. While it's a promising sign that he's able to get back to work so quickly, the announcement has some royal watchers suspicious about the true state of the monarch's health. As one X user wrote, "I thought Chuck was on his death bed." And Charles' health isn't the only thing people are talking about, as others have expressed concern for Kate Middleton.

Kate and Charles were hospitalized at the same time, though for different reasons, and both were later diagnosed with cancer. Like the king, the Duchess of Cambridge has taken a step back from royal duties as she undergoes treatment. However, as Charles makes his comeback, many are eager to know when Kate will do the same. In response to Charles' announcement, one person tweeted, "#KateMiddleton update next..." Suspicion continues to grow about the future queen's whereabouts, with another X user tweeting, "Where's Kate hiding?" The last update on the Duchess of Cambridge was when she announced her cancer diagnosis in March 2024, and with no new updates since then, it's unclear when Kate will return to her duties. Still, Charles' first public appearance will surely answer at least some of the questions people have.