Trump's Whiny Birthday Shoutout To Melania Amid Trial Speaks Volumes

A birthday shoutout may come in the form of a social media post or maybe even someone showing up at your house with a bunch of balloons. It's not typical for a birthday wish to be in front of a courtroom, but Donald Trump is under unusual circumstances. The former president made sure to wish his wife Melania Trump a happy birthday, but he was a bit whiny about it, and his response spoke volumes.

Donald is currently on trial for 34 counts of falsifying records after allegedly having his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pay hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election. The former president has attended every day of the trial, but Melania has not shown up a single day to support him. Still, she is present in his mind, especially on her birthday. Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, Donald shouted out to his wife. He said, "I want to start by wishing my wife, Melania, a very happy birthday."

The birthday message started sweet but quickly became a whiny rant about the case. He said, "But I'm in a courthouse for a rigged trial. It's a rigged trial — terrible." Trump then revealed his plans for the rest of Melania's special day. He said, "She's in Florida. I'll be going there this evening after this case finishes up. This horrible, unconstitutional case." Donald had to throw in a jab, but his remarks speak volumes about Melania's role in the case.

Melania Trump can't avoid Donald Trump's legal issues

Melania Trump has been noticeably missing from the courtroom as Donald Trump's hush money case has taken over the spotlight. With Donald's legal issues mounting in the past couple of years, the former first lady has done her best to avoid it all. A source told People in August 2023, "She [Melania] hates all of the legal problems and says very little about them anytime anywhere. She leads her own life."

In particular, Melania reportedly wasn't happy about the case that the former president is currently standing trial for — the Stormy Daniels situation. A source shared with People in April 2023, "She remains angry and doesn't want to hear [the alleged hush money payment] mentioned." It couldn't be clearer that Melania doesn't want anything to do with the case, but even though she tries to avoid it at all costs, she still gets dragged into it.

Melania has remained on everyone's lips since testimony began. She was mentioned on the stand as Donald's team has tried to paint the picture that the former president paid Daniels off to protect his wife from the news of the affair. Now, she has been brought into the conversation once more as Donald has given her a birthday message that spoke volumes. It showed that Melania was still standing in Donald's corner, despite all the rumors surrounding her absence — at least, that's what the former president is portraying.