Melania Is On Everyone's Lips After Brutal Testimony At Trump's Hush Money Trial

Melania Trump may not be physically present in Donald Trump's hush money trial, but she's still ever so present in everyone's mind. Despite his unamused expression in court, Donald's case is historic as it has become the first time a former president has faced a criminal charge on 34 counts of falsifying records for his alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. Daniels was reportedly given hush money by Donald's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, at the end of the 2016 election to keep quiet about their romance. With the trial beginning, Melania became a crucial part of the case and remains on everyone's lips.

Trump's team is trying to convince the jury that the payment toward Daniels was to protect his wife and not because he didn't want to sway voters away from his campaign, although that's what the prosecution believes. But Trump's team took a major blow after National Enquirer publisher David Pecker took the stand. The prosecution asked Pecker whether he thought Donald's motive to bury the story about him and Daniels was for Melania or the campaign. The publisher responded, "I thought it was for the campaign." They then asked whether the former president ever seemed worried about Melania finding out about his affair with Daniels; Pecker answered, "No." Pecker's testimony was damning to Donald's defense, and as the trial continues, we expect the former first lady to continuously be brought up in court as the prosecution attempts to prove Donald paid Daniels to protect his campaign.

David Pecker's testimony proved to the public Donald Trump was in it for himself

It's unclear what the jury thinks about David Pecker's testimony in Donald Trump's criminal case, but to many, it's clear that Trump never paid Stormy Daniels to protect Melania Trump but rather to protect himself. On X, formerly known as Twitter, people weighed in on Pecker's testimony, and many had the same thing to say. One person tweeted, "[He] Doesn't care about Melania or any of his family. Especially not about Barron's graduation. He only wants to protect his image and money."

Not only was Pecker's testimony proof to many that the former president gave hush money to Daniels for his image, but so is the fact that Melania has not shown up to support her husband during the trial. Since day one, Melania has skipped out on appearing in court, although you may have thought she was there because her lookalike Margo Martin has been by Donald's side. Still, between Pecker's testimony and Melania's absence, this speaks volumes to the public and where they think the truth lies. One person tweeted, "No family present in court again to 'support' Donald Trump, who repeatedly told David Pecker and Michael Cohen that he wanted his affairs hidden in order to help himself politically, not to 'protect' Melania or anyone else." They continued, "It was all about him. What he wanted. As it always is."

Melania Trump's former aide believes she's watching the trial

It's known that Melania Trump likes to avoid her husband, Donald Trump's, legal issues no matter what. In August 2023, on the heels of his fourth indictment, a source told People, "She [Melania] hates all of the legal problems and says very little about them anytime anywhere. She leads her own life." It seems the former first lady is continuing to take that approach with the hush money trial, but her former aide, Stephanie Grisham, believes Melania is still keeping a close eye on the case.

Grisham told CNN in April, "I can guarantee [Melania] is watching every ounce of coverage." The former aide grew close with Melania over the years and thinks she will pay close attention to the details revealed in the case. She said, "Melania is very much about proof, show proof," continuing, "And so if some more damaging stuff should come out that she didn't know about because, of course, her husband continues to deny all of the details here, about Stormy especially." In the past, when Melania seemed to address her husband's affair with Stormy Daniels, she paid no mind to it. Now, she continues to ignore the drama surrounding Daniels and Donald, at least publicly. However, deep down, Grisham thinks Melania is as tuned in with the trial as everyone else is.