Paula Deen Reemerges With Lara Trump & Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing

If Paula Deen is trying to get in the public's good graces, she's not doing herself any favors by hanging out with Lara Trump, as people have roasted her latest meetup with the political figure.

It's been a while since Deen has made headlines, as one scandal ruined her Food Network career forever. In 2013, a former employee filed a lawsuit against Deen, accusing the famous chef and her brother of numerous counts of discrimination during employment. Deen didn't shy away from her sketchy past, admitting in the deposition of the case that she used the N-word when a Black man attempted to rob a bank where she once worked. When asked if she has used the racial slur since, Deen responded, "I'm sure I have, but it's been a very long time." After the lawsuit, the public canceled the chef, and her career took a major hit.

For years, the public hadn't heard about Deen, but she has since been thrown back into the spotlight for hanging out with Lara Trump. Trump shared a video of her and Deen on social media in awe of the meal she cooked for her and other people in attendance. She captioned the post, "Dinner at Paula's." It's the crossover that no one could have expected, but it isn't surprising. This hangout between Deen and Trump makes a lot of sense to many, and it has them all saying the same thing.

The internet called out Paula Deen's hangout with Lara Trump

The Trump family hasn't had a clean slate, and many have accused them of being racist throughout the years. So, it made sense to people why Lara Trump, who has had a shady past of her own, was hanging out with Paula Deen. Deen's scandals have resurfaced in online chatter after her dinner with Trump hit the internet. One user was in disbelief that the once-famous chef would risk being seen with any member of the Trump family because it has only reignited the backlash that she faced years ago for what happened in her discrimination lawsuit. They shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, "So, she wants to get cancelled again?" Deen knows a thing or two about getting canceled, but it hasn't stopped her from hanging out with the Trump family.

The backlash didn't stop there, as other users got straight to the point on how they believe Deen is racist, and if her lawsuit didn't prove it, then this gathering with Trump sure did. They said, "Always knew she was a racist Trumpster with the best of them." People were quick to remind Deen of her controversial comments as another user sarcastically said, "I can smell the racism cooking." It doesn't seem like the internet will forget about Deen's sketchy past any time soon, especially if she is hanging out with the likes of some of the Trump family.