Donald Trump Aide Margo Martin's Lavish Lifestyle Is Almost Unreal

Donald Trump promised to "drain the swamp," rooting out corruption and limiting the influence of deep-pocketed lobbyists. Donald railed against the rich and powerful "elites," painting himself as a populist dedicated to championing the poor and working class. It was a hard sell, given Donald's gold-plated Manhattan penthouse, luxurious Florida estate, and private jets. Still, clearly, he has succeeded at least once so far. It's not just Donald who's living the vida loca, though. In addition to the entire Trump clan, his aide, Margo Martin, lives a lavish lifestyle that would put many an elitist, even Melania Trump, to shame.

The striking resemblance between Melania and Donald's deputy director of communications hasn't gone unnoticed. In an embarrassing June 2023 blunder, Fox News mistook the two. It erroneously reported that Melania accompanied Donald to a Miami court when it was actually a sunglasses-wearing Martin. Per Insider, John Roberts was forced to admit, "Apparently, it was not Melania. A day like today, with so many comings and goings, it's easy from a distance to mistake two people."

It's also an easy mistake, given Melania's ever-increasingly rare public appearances with Donald. For instance, Melania was noticeably missing on Donald's first day in court on April 15 when he faced 34 counts of falsifying records. However, Martin was there by his side, and she looked as polished and glamorous as ever. This is hardly a surprise given the extent of Martin's wildly lavish lifestyle, which she proudly shares with her nearly 40,000 Instagram followers.

Life's a beach for Margo Martin

Donald Trump aide Margo Martin's Instagram feed is an homage to extravagance and opulence. Peppered in with photos of her hanging out with Trump in the White House, assisting him in the West Wing, strolling around the grounds of the Executive Mansion, zipping around on Air Force One, cheering at campaign rallies, and kicking back at black-tie soirees at Mar-a-Lago are a multitude of photos documenting her lavish lifestyle.

In one snap from July 2022, Martin is seen celebrating her birthday on a glamorous beach with white sand and crystal clear sea, a cocktail in hand, and a white Panama hat on her head. "Decided to turn 27 in Miami," she captioned the photo. Martin is a recent transplant to Florida, settling in swanky Palm Beach. It is a long way from her native Oklahoma but a stone's throw from Mar-a-Lago, where she spends her time when not in court with Trump.

Martin stands out as one of the few who have weathered the former POTUS' tumultuous tantrums. She was there during Trump's last hours as president and hasn't left since. Before becoming the deputy director of communications for Trump's Save America PAC, Martin worked as a White House press assistant, which she claimed gave her "life immeasurable purpose and happiness." Martin's unwavering loyalty is evident in her vow to do anything "for one more walk around the West Wing" — a possibility that seems to be inching closer by the day.

Margo Martin is an equine enthusiast

Margo Martin's social media is a window into a world of opulence. Her Instagram is a testament to her extravagant adventures, from dining in the most exclusive restaurants to lounging on luxury yachts, chilling on tropical beaches, partying at the hottest clubs with her girl squad, and flying around the world on private jets. Some of Martin's recent escapades have taken her to Scotland, Ireland, and India.

However, it appears that Martin's primary luxury love is equine. "Happy place," she captioned a photo of her snuggling up to a horse in July 2022. She's also seen riding back home in Oklahoma, resplendent in a red "Cowboys do it better" hat, in June 2023.

According to Zippia, the average salary for a deputy communications director in 2024 is $85,560. So, it seems that given Martin's lavish lifestyle, she's skilled at getting the most bang for her buck. Or, she's privileged enough to have wealthy parents. Either that or Martin is a particularly valuable asset for her legally besieged boss, former President Donald Trump. According to CNN, Martin was subpoenaed in March 2023 to testify in front of the grand jury for the investigation into Trump's alleged mishandling of classified documents after leaving office in January 2021. CNN reported in June 2023 that federal prosecutors had obtained a recording of a meeting where Trump allegedly admitted to holding onto classified material and discussed secret intelligence matters with aides, including Martin, all of whom did not have security clearance.

Margo Martin likes to travel in style

Margo Martin's preferred form of travel is by private plane. Her Instagram is filled with pics of her embarking and disembarking from bizjets. Sadly, since her boss, Donald Trump, left office in January 2021, Martin no longer has access to the comforts of Air Force One. However, she still manages to do quite nicely, and by the look of things, she rarely, if ever, turns right on the unfortunate occasion that she has to fly commercial. In fact, it appears Martin racks up excessive air miles flying on 45's private jet, which is imaginatively nicknamed "Trump Force One."

Martin, clearly a woman of many talents and passions, has a need for speed. In a thrilling display of her dedication to NASCAR, she graced the Daytona International Speedway on February 19, fully decked out in racing gear, helmet in hand. Her appearance garnered a flurry of appreciative comments, with one admirer noting, "And you look amazing in a race suit! Ha ha ha." Another simply commented, "Just so Beautiful ." And, of course, some tried (probably unsuccessfully) to slide into her DMs.

On February 22, Sid Rosenberg of WABC's "Sid & Friends in the Morning" crowned Martin the "MVP of the Trump team." Rosenberg praised Martin for "doing 12 laps at 170 mph inside of NASCAR at Daytona a couple of days ago."

Margo Martin enjoys the yacht life

When not galloping in the wild on horseback or flying the skies in a private jet, Margo Martin likes to take to the ocean — preferably in a luxury yacht. Martin showed off her lavish lifestyle in one of her Instagram photos from May 2023. In it, she's pictured gazing out into the crystal-blue waters of the Jupiter, Florida Atlantic Ocean, standing on deck, barefoot and tousle-haired. "Saturdays at sea," she captioned the pic, which was rewarded with multiple flame emojis in the comments section.

In another shot, she's seen at the helm of a Tiki-style boat, smiling next to a gal-pal, both decked out in leis. "But why are you so perfect?" one fan demanded to know. "You have such a sweet job, IMO," noted another. It's an observation that is certainly hard to argue with, aside from dealing with her notoriously tumultuous boss.

Still, Martin clearly takes it all in her stride. By all accounts, she absolutely adores Donald Trump. In addition to being one of the few former White House staffers who've stuck by his side and refused to jump ship, Martin constantly posts gushing tributes to the former POTUS on X, formerly known as Twitter: video clips proving he's just one of the regular folks ordering fast food junk, telling NYPD cops, "I love you guys! You guys are the best!" and mingling with crowds of MAGA supporters held safely behind barriers while chanting, "Four more years!"

Margo Martin knows how to kick it in style

Margo Martin isn't all work and no play. Girlfriend really knows how to kick it in style — and true to form, she does so in a way that's in keeping with Martin's characteristically lavish lifestyle. Martin's clearly a girls' girl, and her Instagram feed is packed with pics depicting the communications specialist living it up with her friends on golden Floridian beaches, sipping wine, and feasting on fancy picnic lunches.

Then, there are the regular girls' trips that Martin loves to take: getting glammed up for a night on the town in New York City, getting down for some fun cowgirl style, hitting the golf course in Tennessee for a few rounds, enjoying the incredible and stunning wilderness of Montana, and hitting the casinos in Oklahoma.

Given the nature of her high-profile job, it's unsurprising that Martin also counts several celebs amongst her many pals. She's been snapped hanging out with Tiffany Trump, and she regularly rubs shoulders with former Cowboys cheerleader-turned-boutique owner Brooke Nix, country music star Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany, reality star Savannah Chrisley, and former Disney star and ex-White House press secretary Caroline Sunshine.