New Shot Of Trump's Famous Hair From Behind Won't Help Chatter About Him Balding

Weeks after Stormy Daniels' documentary made interesting new claims about Donald Trump's hair practices, his golden locks are again the topic of conversation. A new shot of Trump's famous hair has fueled the online chatter about whether he's balding. On April 23, photographers caught Trump walking into court to face his criminal hush money trial, and his hair seemed extra thin in the back. In one published photo, swaths of Trump's scalp are extremely visible through his slicked-backed hair. And while this could've been the result of some extra strong camera flashes making his light blond hair look extra wispy, it's been rumored for years that the former president was struggling with hair loss. 

Trump went viral in 2018 after the wind forced his comb-over out of place as he boarded Air Force One, exposing a large bald spot, according to The Guardian. Given the internet's past buzzing over Trump's hair, it took no time at all for people to start making jokes at the then-president's expense. As detailed by Time, many delighted in making fun of the billionaire's unruly coif. One person even compared the photo of Trump's wind-swept hair to a pair of birds. "Anyone else see one angry bird attacking another bird peacefully resting in Trump's hair today," tweeted one user. Another wrote, "Trump is having another hair raising experience," alongside a video of him attempting to fight the elements.

Has Donald Trump had a hair transplant?

As it turns out, Donald Trump really does have a bald spot. And though the politician hasn't always been lauded for his transparency, this is one fact he's actually owned up to over the years. He's among the celebs who have admitted to losing their hair — during an appearance at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump made light of it. "Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks," said Trump candidly, garnering laughter from the audience (via CNN). "I work hard at it. It doesn't look bad. Hey, we're hanging in, we're hanging in." Still, the extent of Trump's balding is unknown, as his signature comb-over usually masks any thinning areas he may want to conceal.

Another popular rumor that's spread in recent years is the claim that Trump has had a hair transplant at one time or another. Sadly, Trump has never addressed this rumor. However, plastic surgeon Gary Linkov shared his professional opinion on YouTube, revealing that he thinks Trump has had not one, but five different hair transplants. "Did he get a hair transplant? It's actually much more complicated than that and a great example of how hair restoration surgery has evolved over time," said Linkov (via Newsweek). The plastic surgeon then picked through several photos of Trump's evolving hairline, explaining that, in his opinion, it was the result of hair transplants and "plug grafts."

If true, at least Trump can certainly afford it.