Kim Kardashian One-Ups Taylor Swift's North West Blow With Dagger To The Heart

Just when we thought that Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift's feud was over, it got resurrected with Swift's song "thanK you aIMee," which ends the "SKIMS" founder while using her daughter North West as the knife. Issues between Kardashian and Swift stemmed way back from 2015 when Kanye "Ye" West dropped "Famous," which poked fun at his putting the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer on the map after he interrupted her 2009 MTV Video Music Awards speech. The following year, Kardashian told GQ that Swift knew about the raunchy lyrics to "Famous" and even gave her stamp of approval. The pop star's rep stated that Kardashian's version of events was false, which prompted the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star to leak the phone call to the public, making Swift look like a liar.

Fast forward to the release of "The Tortured Poets Department" and the bonus track "thanK you aIMee." Fans were quick to point out that the capital letters in the title spell out "KIM," with the lyrics seemingly referencing North West (via Genius): "And so I changed your name and any real defining clues / And one day, your kid comes home singin' / A song that only us two is gonna know is about you." The lyrics were another Easter egg as Kardashian and North once danced to Swift's "Shake It Off" in a now-deleted TikTok video shared on YouTube. Since the release of "TTPD," Kardashian has been silent on the diss track, but a sly Instagram pic was obviously a major dig toward Swift.

Kim Kardashian hit back with an old pic of Taylor Swift's ex-BFF

While Kim Kardashian didn't speak out about Taylor Swift's shade to the public, she's not above throwing some of her own. As captured by an X user, formerly Twitter, the reality star shared a group pic in her Instagram Stories with none other than Swift's ex-BFF Karlie Kloss, with whom she was rumored to have a falling out. "This pic is from 2022 why is Kim posting it now," a fan asked. "You know damn well why," another replied.

Kardashian is letting the shady pic do all the talking for her. In her first appearance since "thanK you aIMee" came out, Kim Kardashian was asked on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" how she was doing and she replied, "Life is good." Later in the interview, Jimmy Kimmel stated, "Obviously people are interested in your life and the things that you do and they write things. Sometimes they're true, sometimes they're not and I have some things I want to run by you and you tell me if they're true or false." He then proceeded to ask her if she blow dries her jewelry before she puts them on. A fan replied in the comments section, "Missed opportunity for Jimmy to address Taylor Swift's song, [thanK you aIMee]." Despite her cool television demeanor, it's apparent by the two-year-old pic of Kloss that Kardashian was bothered by Swift's song and it was reported that she was freaking out about the repercussions it had brought her.

Kim Kardashian was reportedly humiliated by Taylor Swift's dig

Everyone knows not to get on Taylor Swift's bad side, lest she write a scathing song about you. Ask Kim Kardashian, who acted shady toward Swift and has felt the repercussions of her long feud with the songwriter. As reported by the Daily Mail, a source shared, "Taylor has humiliated Kim, and she knows that there is nothing she can do about it. Kim got what she feared was coming to her eventually, and is now backed in a corner because she knows Taylor's army will destroy her if she says anything." The insider continued, "She is going to stay silent and hopes it will go away — but her friends know that it has only just started. Fans are already spamming her Instagram posts with 'thanK you aIMee.'"

Sure enough, after Kim posted a shady Instagram pic of the Kardashian sisters wearing black bikinis for Kourtney Kardashian's birthday shout-out, a fan wrote, "aiMee put a crappy picture of her sister for her sis bday. [Typical] aiMee behavior." Another admonished, "You should've [apologized] when Kris had asked you to. Always listen to your mother, Kim, learn from Kylie." It looks like the feud between Kim K and Tay Tay is 2024's biggest yet.