Kate Middleton Reclaims Her Photographer Status For Louis' Birthday After Photo Disaster

Kate Middleton's youngest child, Prince Louis, turned six on April 23.

To mark the special occasion, Catherine, Princess of Wales, posted a brand new, self-shot photo of Louis onto the Kensington Royal Instagram account. The photo features the young prince lying on a towel in the grass as he smiles brightly towards the camera. The mom-of-three paired the photo with a sweet, yet simple, caption. "Happy 6th Birthday, Prince Louis!" she wrote on the social media app. "Thank you for all the kind wishes today." She signed the photo, "The Princess of Wales," along with a camera emoji to signify that she took the photo. According to Entertainment Tonight, Louis' new photo is completely unedited and shared by the royals to thank those who've supported the family.

This confirmation should be enough to stave off any new disturbing theories about Middleton's health that have cropped up since she's been undergoing cancer treatments. However, between the Mother's Day fake photo controversy that resulted in international photo agencies pulling a portrait of the princess and her three kids, and the viral theory that Katie Holmes was posing for Kate during her March stroll with Prince Williams at a farm shop, it seems unlikely that royal watchers and general supporters will take the photo at face value. But even though the timeline regarding Middleton's return to public duties is still a mystery, this new scandal-free photo of Louis should at least keep the public occupied for a while.

How Kate and William will celebrate Louis' birthday

Kate Middleton and Prince William are planning to throw Prince Louis a private birthday party, despite her ongoing cancer treatments. "With Kate's health — and knowing what Kate is like as a person — she wants her son to have the best birthday possible, like any mother," shared an insider with the New York Post. King Charles III's former butler, Grant Harrold revealed that their celebration may be a lot different than some of the previous birthday parties Kate threw, which included her kids' friends. "Celebrations will be more reserved and low-key and there might not be a party with other children like there has been in previous years," said Harrold.

Perhaps this private celebration is just what their family needs to get their minds off of things. In March, Harrold spoke with the New York Post and revealed that the royal couple were determined to move past the gossip about them. "I think they're keen to close the chapter on the gossip and the conspiracy theories and return the focus to the royals and their duties," said Harrold. "The more they see her in public, the less they will worry about her — that's going to take time as obviously she's not expected to return to full duties until later this year."

Hopefully Louis' birthday party will give the royal family a deserved break!