5 Times Kimberly Guilfoyle's Use Of Photoshop Was So Obvious

Kimberly Guilfoyle's celebrity currency has skyrocketed since she started dating Donald Trump Jr. in 2018. She's gone from a former Fox News host to Don Jr.'s fiancée and one-half of the GOP's latest power couple, securing herself a place inside the Trump dynasty. Guilfoyle has undergone quite a transformation since agreeing to walk down the aisle with Donald Trump's oldest offspring, seemingly aging backward like a curious case of a real-life Benjamin Button. There have been plastic surgery rumors surrounding Guilfoyle for years, and whether they're true or not, she's been very vocal about other women who have undergone procedures.

In October 2022, Guilfoyle launched into an impassioned attack against Nancy Pelosi, accusing the then 82-year-old of having had too much work done. "Pelosi lying — what's left of her face off — about Biden's accomplishments and legislative achievements," Guilfoyle ranted during a Newsmax interview. "It's a freak show. I mean, Halloween is around the corner. But it's too much; it's fright night."

Well, surgery or not, there is no getting away from the fact that Guilfoyle is a big fan of shaving years off of her appearance by filtering and digitally altering photos. She clearly has the Photoshop and FaceTune apps and knows how to use them — or not, as the case may be. Because, more often than not, Guilfoyle's use of Photoshop is so obvious that she makes Madonna and the Kardashians appear like veritable pros. We're taking a look at five of her major fails.

Kimberly's cat eyed selfie

Kimberly Guilfoyle's divorce from her second husband, Eric Villency, resulted in her son, Ronan Anthony Villency. The handsome teen often crops up on his mom's social media, alternately looking happy, indifferent, or embarrassed, depending on the occasion. Ronan was giving some seriously shady side-eye, though, in one of Guilfoyle's most obvious Photoshop fails, which she posted on Instagram in October 2022. "Happy 16th birthday Ronan! Love you," Guilfoyle captioned a selfie of herself with Ronan driving in the background.

However, Guilfoyle had clearly gone way overboard with the digital alterations, resulting in her literally looking unrecognizable. In addition to unnaturally glowing, dewy, light pink flawless skin with not a single line or wrinkle in sight, Guilfoyle somehow managed to give herself slanted cat eyes. Also, unless Ronan has started frequenting Donald Trump's favorite tanning salon of choice, he was also treated to some of Guilfoyle's Photoshop magic. The birthday boy's face and neck were colored a strange hue of orangey beige. It's safe to say he looked suitably unimpressed.

Guilfoyle's failed adventures in Photoshopping did not go unnoticed. Online haters and trolling detractors quickly seized the opportunity to share their feedback and comments. "OMG....What did you do to your face???" one asked, while another demanded to know, "You been playing around on facetoon again."

Sultry Kimberly's waxwork Trump

Kimberly Guilfoyle's use of Photoshop was so evident in a December 2023 pic of her and Donald Trump that it deserved a spot on the PhotoshopFails subreddit. The pic was part of a video montage of shots taken at Mar-a-Lago for an Impact Wealth Magazine photoshoot starring Guilfoyle busting out with her very best Blue Steel. In reality, all of the pics were worthy of being included on the list of Guilfoyle's Photoshop fails — but the one of her and Trump was particularly spectacular.

The photo actually looked like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, posing sultrily next to a Madame Tussauds waxwork figure of a much younger, thinner, fitter, and, well — happier Trump. Literally years, if not decades, were shaved off of Trump's face without a line or wrinkle in sight. He even had sparkling white Chicklet teeth. "I am forever grateful to God for all of my lifelong opportunities and couldn't do it without the love and support of the amazing people around me who consistently encourage me to push beyond my comfort zone. So thank you to @donaldjtrumpjr and our beautiful family for never failing to bring all our dreams to fruition," Guilfoyle captioned the post.

"This is obviously photoshopped since he is about [100] lbs heavier these days," a hater posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Don Jr. and Kimberly's Photoshop facials

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. were treated to exceptional Photoshop facials for a loving August 2018 couples' shot. "Making America Great Again!" Guilfoyle captioned the pic, along with a dress and prayer emoji. The MAGA life is clearly treating them both well because their skin was absolutely glowing and crystal clear in addition to being devoid of any expression lines — which is quite a feat given Don Jr. and Guilfoyle's knack for vehemently expressing their emotions at political rallies or on cable TV. Still, there wasn't a bump, open pore, or blemish in sight, something even the most skilled cosmetic surgeon would fail to achieve.

The couple also had matching skin color, with a hint of healthy-looking rose color on their cheeks and sparkling white teeth. There even appeared to be a slight twinkle in Don Jr.'s eyes. Of course, given the marked difference in their faces in the photo compared to their appearance in real life, haters were quick to conclude that the shot resulted from yet another of Guilfoyle's obvious Photoshop fails.

Chrissy Teigen took to X to share her unique take on the pic. "Hello we are robots beedoo boop smiling is opening your lips and exposing your teeth until you feel a light tension on the outer corners of your mouth beep blurp we are smiling boop beep," she quipped.

Kimberly's outdoorsy selfie

Kimberly Guilfoyle's love of using Photoshop dates way back to when she first started dating Donald Trump Jr. in 2018. Shortly after reports began circulating about their budding romance, Guilfoyle and Trump went Instagram official, posing for a pic that June, hanging out with absolutely nobody's favorite '80s glam metal band, Poison. It wasn't long after that digitally altered photos started popping up on Guilfoyle's social media feeds.

In one standout photo, Guilfoyle appears to have dialed up the FaceTune to "eternal youth," completely airbrushing any hint of aging from her face. "Great weekend enjoying the outdoors," she captioned the August 2021 selfie in celebration of a trip to the wilderness with Don Jr. However, it looked more like Guilfoyle had just been celebrating a trip to Saks 5th Avenue with Don Jr.'s black Amex or shooting an episode of "Real Housewives."

"What the hell happened to your face? YIKES," a commenter asked.

Don Jr. and Kimberly's fresh faced Thanksgiving glow

Kimberly Guilfoyle's obvious use of Photoshop and FaceTune was on point for Turkey Day 2022. "Happy Thanksgiving! @donaldtrumpjr," his loving fiancée captioned a pic of the happy couple standing in front of what looked like a cold white Melania Trump specially decorated tree.

Don Jr. was resplendent in a blue MAGA T-shirt, while Guilfoyle was decked out in a cleavage-baring purple dress. Their combined beauty was captivating. However, it was their clearly digitally altered, radiantly glowing, blemish-free, and youthful skin that stole the show. Both Don Jr. and Guilfoyle's faces were as smooth as peaches and cream and colored as such, too. Once again, their Chicklet teeth were glimmering white as Don Jr. managed to force what appeared to almost be a smile. For some strange reason — maybe the angle at which the photo was taken? — Don Jr.'s noggin looked five times the size of Guilfoyle's delicate pin-sized head.

Many of the comments on Guilfoyle's post were from gushing fans praising the two for their beauty and admirers commending the couple for their unwavering dedication to their political agenda and tireless efforts to make America Great Again. However, a few dissenting voices were quick to point out that the picture wasn't exactly genuine. "So much filtering," one wrote along with laughing emojis. "What would you do without filters?" asked another.