Melania's Necklace Sale Amid Trump Legal Woes Has Everyone Delivering The Same Blow

If you're one of the many people wondering where in the world Melania Trump is, it looks like she's elbows-deep busy with her own business venture. Just when you'd expect her to be rallying behind Donald Trump on the campaign trail or standing by him during his criminal trial, she threw a curveball and announced that she's selling jewelry — a necklace, to be exact — in celebration of the upcoming Mother's Day. You even get a free NFT to boot! However, some took this move to mean that Melania has rather more nefarious intentions.

Aptly named "Her Love & Gratitude" and costing $245 a pop, the necklace is marketed as customizable jewelry specially designed by Melania to celebrate Mother's Day. Her signature is engraved on the piece, but buyers can also engrave it with whatever they prefer. As a bonus, a "limited-edition digital collectible" is included with every purchase, likely an NFT. "Being a mother is one of the most important roles in life. For this Mother's Day, I have designed the 'Her Love & Gratitude' necklace to express immense gratitude and honor all mothers," Melania said in a statement (via The Hill). Yet, in true Trump fashion, it's a mystery whether any of the proceeds will find their way to charity, just as it was with her existing "collectibles."

Melania's jewelry launch coinciding with the start of her husband's trial has not gone unnoticed, leading fans to side-eye the timing. Some have even painted her as less of a business mogul and more of a grifter capitalizing on the moment.

Like husband, like wife?

Melania Trump's Mother's Day necklace may be more than meets the eye, at least according to critics. While some fans took it at face value, there are also some who accused Melania of following in her husband's footsteps — if said footsteps mean grifting people. Many took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their distaste for Melania's entrepreneurial efforts, branding it as her contribution to the family's knack for being opportunistic.

"I admire Melania Trump. While her husband is facing a criminal conviction, she's hawking gold plated pendants for $245. Grifters gonna grift," one tweeted, while another remarked, "The grift is endless. Even Melania is worried that they're going broke." But there are also some who defended her, pointing to her history with design and comparing her efforts with other political figures. "She was designing jewelry decades ago. Would you say that Hunter Biden's "art" was a grift? Or his Burisma dealings were a grift? C'mon, say it—you know you can," they noted.

To be fair, it's not uncharacteristic for any Trump to peddle all sorts of branded merchandise. In 2024 alone, Donald launched a range of products from $399 "Never Surrender" high-top sneakers to $99 colognes named "Victory 47." He even sold "God Bless the USA" bibles for $59.99, packaged with extras like the U.S. Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance. But who can blame them, really? Given Donald's hefty legal bills nearing $100 million, it's almost surprising they haven't expanded their merchandise range further. You've got to admit — the Trumps know how to hustle, criminal trials be damned.