Trump's Unamused Expression During Hush Money Trial Day 5 Speaks Volumes

Donald Trump is only five days into his trial concerning the hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, and he already looks over it. 

Although Trump is the first former president ever to stand trial for criminal activity, few media outlets have been allowed in his New York courtroom, as it's illegal to televise trials of any kind. Most of the updates have come from the nearly 140 court reporters who have convened in the courtroom and an overflow room, according to AP News. The lack of live play-by-play hasn't kept a few photos of the former president inside the court from making their way online and judging from Trump's body language, he is not happy. As you can clearly see above, Trump looks wholly unamused as he holds a blank stare into a camera.

Plus, as CNN correspondent Kara Scannell reported, Trump refused to make any eye contact with prosecutors as they delivered their opening statements. He focused his attention on the screen in front of him, which allows overflow room reporters to follow along. "So Trump seemed to be watching himself watching the trial," Scannell said. Given what he's facing, Trump has more than one reason to look a little glum. As AP News reported, Trump was charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records related to disguising a payment his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, made to Daniels to keep her quiet about their alleged affair. If convicted he could serve up to four years in prison.

Donald Trump actually has one major thing to smile about

Donald Trump is facing uncertain odds, so it makes sense if he's not bursting with joy. Donald's wife, Melania Trump, even failed to accompany him to his first day of court (or any days thereafter). According to Melania's former East Wing aide, Stephanie Grisham, the former first lady is having a hard time navigating her husband's legal problems and the optics of his alleged affair. "I can imagine that she will push him to go on the stand and defend himself," Grisham told CNN. "Because this is very, very embarrassing for her, it's humiliating for her. And I can guarantee you she's not happy right now and he's quite worried about that."

The one-term president is also fighting off various criminal and civil cases as he attempts to score a second term in the White House, the timing of which he's repeatedly bemoaned on Truth Social. With that said, Donald has at least one major thing to smile about. His media company, Trump Media, that owns the right-leaning social media site Truth Social, which he regularly uses to complain about his legal woes and the upcoming presidential election, is gearing up to pay him an "earnout" bonus comprised of 36 million shares, which are worth a cool $1.25 billion, according to NBC News.

Trump is currently appealing a $454 million judgment attached to a different civil suit, so that money may soon come in handy.