Did Brad Pitt Really Get A Facelift? We Looked Into The Wild Rumors

Seriously, does Brad Pitt ever age?! It's hard to believe that the Hollywood superstar — who once played a man born with the unique condition of aging backward towards his infancy in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" — has now entered his senior years. With a face like his, you'd think Pitt has unlocked the keys to reverse aging and is keeping it close to his chest, leaving many of us to marvel at his timeless and enduring appeal. How does he do it? While experts have pointed to Pitt's rigorous skincare routine and healthy habits for his youthful glow, a plastic surgeon known for dishing celebrity beauty secrets on TikTok believes he's had the help of cosmetic enhancements to stay looking fresh and young.

Dr. Costas Papageorgiou, an aesthetic surgeon who spoke with GQ about Pitt's secret to eternal youth, believes no such thing is involved. "Brad truly looks after himself," he explained. "He's not trying to look younger, but looks the healthiest version of himself. This is evident by his lack of Botox or visible surgery." As Pitt himself told Vogue while promoting his skincare line Le Domaine back in 2022, he's not afraid of getting old. "It's a concept we can't escape, and I would like to see our culture embracing it a bit more, talking about it in those terms." As for how he takes care of himself, he simply said, "I have my little, simple regimen." However, some are still convinced that plastic surgery is involved, including Dr. Jonny Beterridge.

Brad Pitt is basically Benjamin Button

Dr. Jonny Beterridge, an aesthetics doctor and founder of the JB Aesthetics Clinic based in London, explained in a viral TikTok video shared in January 2024 why he thinks Brad Pitt has undergone a surgical enhancement to attain his significantly younger look. He began by comparing photos of the star taken at the Oscars in 2020 to a July 2023 shot of the actor sitting in the stands at Wimbledon's center court (as seen above). "It was at Wimbledon last year where his transformation was noticed. Look at the change in his face and how more youthful he looks when you see him from the side on profile," Beterridge remarked.

Based on a scar on his right ear, Bererridge said it was likely that Pitt had a facelift. "This is the classic appearance of a facelift scar. During the procedure, the skin around is raised, which can change the shape and position of the earlobes," he explained. Overall, Beterridge said Pitt's doctor has done a remarkable job with his transformation. "I think he looks seriously good," he said. "It's a great example of surgery done well."

While Pitt hasn't gone on record to confirm Beterridge's suspicions, the London-based doctor stressed that this kind of rapid transformation can only be achieved through invasive procedures such as a facelift. That being said, a close friend of the actor has refuted all rumors regarding Pitt ever getting such enhancement, according to the Daily Mail.

Another expert believes Pitt has had Botox

Is it a facelift, or is it just Botox and fillers? If you were to ask cosmetics specialist Laura Kay London how Brad Pitt manages to look way younger than his actual age, her guess would be the latter. When discussing Pitt's new look, She told the Daily Mail that he appears to have had subtle tweaks to reduce his fine lines and achieve flawless skin. "His skin is dewy and fresh," she noted. "Therefore he may have [had] botox to reduce wrinkles and face peels will help to rejuvenate his skin."

Instead of his cheeks and forehead, it seems Pitt opted to focus on lifting other areas of his face, like the neck, jowls, and hairline that, according to London, "are very noticeable signs of [aging]." "With a skilled practitioner, people will hardly notice the difference, yet it will look transformative," she explained. Meanwhile, another aesthetician and skincare expert, Amish Patel, agreed with London's observations. He told Evening Standard that while it does not seem that Pitt has had invasive surgery, "it's possible he may have looked at a few small dermal filler 'tweakments'" to refine his appearance, particularly around his mouth and jawline.

Although one could say that Pitt's strikingly good looks may be attributed to his genetics — along with good style and grooming. "I can't see any dramatic changes in Brad's face and would put his more youthful appearance more down to a healthy lifestyle, a good haircut and a stylist," Patel concluded.