What Barron Trump's Supposed Ex-Girlfriend Said About Him

The ironic thing about Barron Trump is everyone knows who he is, but nobody outside of his circle truly knows what he's like. As the youngest son of Donald and Melania Trump, Barron has been in the limelight pretty much since the day he was born. The public barely has an inkling of the true personality of the former first son, but according to his elementary school classmate and supposed ex-girlfriend, Barron is a genuinely stand-up guy.

While Barron grew up before our very eyes — literally, too, as he's reportedly over six feet tall now — the Trumps have made efforts to shield him from the spotlight and let him be a normal kid. When his father was president, the White House even not-so-subtly reminded everyone in 2017 to back off Barron. "It is a longstanding tradition that the children of Presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight," their statement read (via Axios). "The White House fully expects this tradition to continue." But Melania, ever the doting mother, occasionally let slip her fondness for "Little Donald," as she refers to him. "He is a very strong-minded, very special, smart boy. He is independent and opinionated and knows exactly what he wants," she told Parenting.com.

As for the girl who claims to have been Barron's girlfriend? She's singing praises about him, too. Whether it's just remnants of puppy love or genuine admiration, Barron appears to be her favorite Trump.

Barron's purported childhood sweetheart says he's 'the best'

Barron Trump had what you might call a "normal" childhood, if your definition of normal includes having been put on golden strollers and taking your classmates to the White House. Amid drowning in homework and trying out nearly every sport imaginable, Barron even managed to snag himself a girlfriend — or so claims a TikToker named Maddie, aka @maddatitude, who got her five seconds of fame thanks to her viral video about the former first son.

"I went to school with Barron Trump, and he was my first 'bf,'" she wrote. "When Trump was elected he brought the entire class to the White House." She didn't reveal the name of the school, but it's most likely Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, one of the most elite schools in New York City, which famously delayed Melania and Barron's move to Washington.

Whether Maddie and Barron were truly childhood sweethearts is up for debate, but Maddie did her best to prove it by dropping old snaps of the two of them together. In the comments, when asked about Barron's character, Maddie only had high praise. She dished that he was "the best," and the "nicest," a stark contrast from the reputation of the rest of the Trumps. She even dubbed Barron a "lil shy boy," and revealed that their brief romance fizzled because "he went to Florida for the summer so we ended it." Oh, young love!

Barron is apparently a crowd pleaser

Maddie wasn't lying when she said that Barron Trump invited their class to the White House. In May 2017, it really happened — Barron took his 5th-grade buddies on a field trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. "All the kids got dressed up... It was so cute," a source told Page Six, adding that Barron played the gracious host. "Barron was really sweet. He was so excited to show his classmates around the White House." Talk about an epic school send-off!

And it turns out, Barron's reputation as a nice guy isn't just talk. In the comment section of Maddie's TikTok, another person named Mo, who claimed to have been classmates with Barron, vouched that he was really well-liked. "For those asking, I went to that school too. He was a really nice kid, I'm going to also bathe in this clout," they quipped.

Fast forward to this day, and it seems Barron has evolved from a "lil shy boy" to a confident young man, comfortable with running the show. In an episode of the PBD Podcast in April 2024, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana recalled having dinner at Mar-A-Lago, where they "watched Barron run dinner with stories, entertainment, everything," leaving all of them impressed. Oshana dished, "he's witty, smart, hilarious, you know. He was smart on politics... What a good head on his shoulders," while Ellsworth noted, "He was just cracking me up... He wasn't snide. He wasn't telling dirty jokes. He was very, very balanced."