The Most Expensive Things Taylor Swift Owns

Taylor Swift is one of the most accomplished artists of her generation, and all of her success has brought in a ton of cash. As of early 2024, as her "Eras Tour" was only half-finished, Swift pocketed more money than most would think possible. "The Eras Tour" generated more than $1 billion in revenue before hitting its halfway point, and when you add up all the receipts, Swift achieved an almost unreachable milestone.

In October of 2023, Forbes added Swift to its Billionaire List, making her one of the world's wealthiest singers. Given her wealth, there's very little Swift can't buy, and throughout her impressive career, she's spent a good amount of money on all manner of things. While she has a robust real estate portfolio, she's also known to wear incredibly expensive jewelry and gowns, many of which are bespoke for a single event.

While Swift has purchased fancy gowns, jewelry, and sports cars over the years, there's much more to her spending habits than most people realize. Swift has several collections worth a great deal of money, and even her catalog of music is worth a lot more than most people make in a lifetime. These are the most expensive things Swift owns, and some of these items are as unique as they are extravagant.

Louboutin custom Astrilarge Strass Boots

Swift isn't shy about leaving the house wearing something genuinely extravagant. Whether she's out and about or performing, odds are, Swift is wearing something expensive and often unique. Swift has a massive shoe collection, including sneakers, pumps, and almost every fashionable piece of footwear you'd expect to find in a superstar's closet. In terms of boots, Swift's most expensive pair adorned her feet during a performance in "The Eras Tour."

Swift's boots were custom-made alongside much of her "Eras" wardrobe, but you can purchase similar boots, the Louboutin Astrilarge Strass Booty in metallic suede, for $5,995 if you have the means and desire to do so. One fan attending the tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, scored what Business Insider called "The single most exclusive 'Eras Tour' souvenir possible." While performing, Swift had a wardrobe malfunction in the form of her heel breaking, and instead of kicking it behind her, she did something amazing.

Swift knelt down to deal with her footwear mishap and threw the broken heel to one lucky fan in the crowd. That fan posted an image of the heel on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing the treasured item. It's unclear whether or not Swift had her heel repaired, so the pair may not be her most expensive any longer, but they come with a fantastic story one fan will likely tell for many years to come.

Green sequined Julian MacDonald gown

Taylor Swift typically performs in something unique and has worked with numerous designers to craft her signature look. That kind of custom wardrobe doesn't come cheap, and Swift likes to work with some of the most expensive brands in the world. Her closet's contents are probably worth more than most people could hope to earn in a lifetime, and some gowns are ridiculously expensive.

Some of Swift's most expensive outfits include an $18,000 gown she wore to the "Cats" premiere, a $8,615 leotard worn to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, an ensemble costing $12,825 for 45 seconds in her "Willow" music video, and that's just scratching the surface of Swift's most expensive outfits. Many of her "Eras Tour" gowns, leotards, and ensembles cost tens of thousands, but her most expensive gown isn't the gorgeous custom-made Zuhair Murad pink tulle ballgown that set her back over $21,000.

Swift attended the 2019 American Music Awards wearing a dark green sequined Julian MacDonald gown. The gown appeared custom-made for the occasion, and according to WWD, it likely cost her as much as $40,000. Swift also wore $15,000 earrings, $4,200 rings, and $735 black stiletto boots, making the outfit cost $59,935. Swift may have more expensive outfits she's yet to wear in public, so she may turn up in something even more costly in the future.

1913 Steinway piano

Anyone who owns a piano knows they aren't inexpensive, but there are plenty of pianos out there that cost more than average. Swift began playing the piano when she was 12 and clearly kept up with it. She often sits down at a piano to write her songs and spoke about hers during a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair. While talking and giving a tour of her home, she pointed out her 1913 Steinway piano, which is a particularly expensive musical instrument.

There are various models of the 1913 Steinway, but according to Faust Harrison Pianos, if you want one, it will set you back around $74,800. There are various models, and it's unclear if Swift's is valued as high as that, but there's more to her piano than its intrinsic value. Such a piano — owned and used by someone of Swift's status — would be valued significantly higher by a collector. Unfortunately for collectors, it's doubtful Swift would sell her prized piano.

Swift often performs on stage with other pianos, and during her "Eras Tour," she had a piano malfunction. Excessive rain that fell for over three hours during the Foxborough, Massachusetts, leg of her tour caused the piano to play several low notes on its own. Swift was surprised by the piano's surprising self-play, so she grabbed her guitar and said, "OK, I'm just gonna' do another song on guitar. That's insane."

Vintage guitar collection

Taylor Swift began playing the guitar when she was 12, and since then, she's acquired a rather large collection of the instruments. She often uses several guitars when she performs, frequently matching her outfit or general vibe. "The Eras Tour" allowed Swift to show off many impressive pieces from her guitar collection, and she played them all on stage for her fans. Swift apparently prefers Gibsons and Taylor Guitars, but not because of the name — she's been using Taylors throughout her career.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum proudly houses Swift's custom-made Taylor GS6, which is encrusted with Swarovski crystal rhinestones, though its value isn't clear. It's also unclear how many guitars Swift owns but Equip-board found that she has at least 28 different guitars she's used throughout her career. That said, her time in the spotlight isn't fading anytime soon, so she's likely to acquire more and more pieces for her collection.

Regarding value, it's difficult to put a number on Swift's guitars. While she might pay a few hundred or thousand for a guitar, signing and auctioning them off has proven their value is whatever someone is willing to pay. In 2023, two of Swift's signed guitars sold for $120,000 at a childhood cancer fundraiser. Other guitars have sold at auctions or won through raffles, raising money for various causes Swift supports.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Taylor Swift received her first car, a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, for her 18th birthday, and ever since then, she's been a car collector. Swift's collection includes all kinds of cars, trucks, vans, and sports cars, some of which are worth a lot of money. Swift has or had 13 cars in her collection, including a relatively affordable Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Qashqai. Of course, she also has a few luxury cars to round things out.

Swift owns an Audi R8, a Mercedes Maybach S650, a Cadillac Escalade, a Mercedes-AMG G63, and a Porsche 911 Turbo. All of those cars are nearly worth as much as her most expensive car, a Ferrari 458 Italia. Swift drives this car when she doesn't care about being seen in public because it's one of the most easily recognizable and noticeable luxury sports cars on the market, costing anywhere between $200,000 and half a million or more.

There is, of course, a range when it comes to these types of cars, but given Swift's wealth, she bought the car she wanted, which is likely at the upper end where cost is concerned. While Swift owns around $1.3 million worth of automobiles, it's fair to say her Ferrari is the best of the bunch. The 458 Italia is one of Ferrari's most coveted models, as it inspired the design of the C8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, which could be argued is the poor woman's Ferrari.

Lorraine Schwartz earrings and cocktail rings

When it comes to jewelry, Swift's collection stands as one of her most valuable. Since she gained fame, Swift has worn some of the most expensive jewelry on the market, and like much of her possessions, she's also had plenty of items custom-made. Of course, there are pieces she's literally bathed in but doesn't own, like the $10 million worth of Neil Lane diamonds from her "Look What You Made Me Do" video, but while she doesn't own them, she owns much more.

Some of Swift's most expensive pieces in her jewelry collection include Cartier Love and Panthère bracelets valued at $102,000. Her Bulgari Serpenti necklace and bracelets are worth around $450,000, and her Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker with ruby cocktail ring and sapphire earrings are valued at $900,000. While all of these pieces are costly, they pale in comparison to the singer's most valuable jewelry.

For the 2023 Grammy Awards, Swift stepped out wearing statement earrings from Lorraine Schwartz. The kite-shaped earrings feature four panels with over 136 carats of natural Paraiba tourmalines, purple sapphires, and diamonds set in 18-karat white gold. The earrings alone are valued at around $3 million, making them the most expensive jewelry in Swift's collection. That said, they went up for auction on Joopiter, so they aren't long for her jewelry box.

Dassault Falcon7X private jet

Like many performers of her stature, Taylor Swift gets around via a private jet. She's taken some flack for this over the years, which may be why she decided to downsize from two planes to one. Initially, Swift owned a Dassault Falcon 900 worth around $44 million. She acquired the aircraft in 2009 but sold it in January 2024, leaving her with a single Dassault Falcon7X capable of ferrying Swift and 15 additional passengers wherever she needs to go.

While she only has a single aircraft to her name, Swift continues to use it despite her apparent CO2 emissions, which people enjoy pointing out online. The cost of a Dassault Falcon 7X varies, but Swift likely paid $54 million for the aircraft. Of course, that's what it costs to purchase one — flying it around the world is an entirely different story. Fuel for the aircraft costs around $6,128 per hour, so it's significantly higher if you look into Swift's flight times and other costs.

Swift must pay her pilots and crew, as well as fees to store her aircraft in hangars, insurance, and plenty more. When you add it all up, Swift pays around $14,448.77 per day, or over $5.2 million annually, just to operate her aircraft. Granted, there's a great deal of value in being able to jet about the world on a whim, but it's not cheap, even for billionaires!

An insurance policy on her legs

When it comes down to ownership, Swift doesn't exactly own her legs — they're hers, certainly, but people don't own individual parts of their bodies. It's not as if they're legal to sell, so putting value on something like a person's legs isn't something most people do. That is, of course, unless you're a billionaire superstar who relies on her legs for her performances, advertising campaigns, and general getting around.

In 2015, Swift got her legs insured, which surprisingly isn't unusual for people who make a living off their physicality — some singers insure their vocal cords, while models insure facial features. This makes sense because, should something happen to their ability to perform, they cannot make money, hence, the insurance. For Swift, she opted to insure her legs, and the amount of money they are worth is staggering because her policy is worth $40 million.

According to the National Enquirer, which may or may not be accurate, Swift and her team believed they'd insure her legs for $1 million. When the $40 million number came back, Swift was shocked and embarrassed to learn her gams were worth so much. Insuring her legs was wise, given the nature of her performances, but Swift has also worked as a model. She's walked the runway while performing at Victoria's Secret fashion shows. To quote ZZ Top, "She got legs, and she knows how to use them."

Her cats

Swift starred in the feature film adaptation of "Cats," and while the film utterly bombed at the box office, it wasn't surprising to see Swift in it because she loves cats. She told Time in 2019 that her cats influenced her so much that she signed on to the film because of its name. Swift has one Ragdoll cat named Benjamin Button and two Scottish Fold cats named Meredith Grey, after Ellen Pompeo's character on "Grey's Anatomy," and Olivia Benson, named after Mariska Hargitay's character on "Law and Order: SVU."

Scottish Folds are expensive, often costing as much as $1,500 each, while Ragdolls can cost as much as $2,500. Swift has an army of followers, many of whom love her cats almost as much as the singer. Swift loves her pets and even features them in music videos and on her holiday card. They also have an online following, and like Swift, they generate some income. Olivia and Meredith appeared in "Deadpool 2" and several commercials.

According to, because of Olivia's appearances in advertisements and other projects, the cat is worth an estimated $97 million. Olivia also has a merchandise line and plenty of fans. While Benjamin and Meredith's net worth isn't available online, having a cat worth nearly $100 million makes her one of the richest pets in the world. It's probably not a stretch to include Swift's other fur babies somewhere on the list alongside their sister.

Her real estate portfolio

Like many celebrities worth a ton of money, Taylor Swift has a robust real estate portfolio. Hers is worth around $150 million in total and features numerous houses, apartments, and lofts. Swift's first major real estate purchase in 2009, when she was 19, was a Nashville, Tennessee penthouse. She paid just under $2 million for the property, which is now valued at over $5 million. Swift has another home for her mother in Tennessee, valued at around $8 million.

Swift has a Rhode Island mansion she purchased in 2013 for $17.75 million, and the 11,000-square-foot home is one of her most extravagant. Still, she has property worth more, including a Beverly Hills mansion she purchased in 2015 for $25 million. Swift's properties in New York City are likely her most valuable. She first bought a TriBeCa penthouse, which she converted into an 8,309-square-foot duplex boasting ten bedrooms and bathrooms.

Three years later, she spent $18 million on the adjacent townhouse, but she didn't stop there because, in 2018, she spent $9.75 million on an apartment in the Sugar Loaf Building. According to Andrew Azoulay, a Manhattan real estate agent, Swift bought the townhouse to function as a garage, and she connected it all to the second-floor apartment, which connects her main property to the Sugar Loaf duplex. When you put it all together, her New York property is worth around $50 million.

Her masters and publishing rights

When Taylor Swift began recording music professionally, she signed with Big Machine Records, which produced her first six albums. She built her career on those records, and the masters were incredibly valuable. In 2019, Swift began a public dispute after her talent manager, Scooter Braun, purchased Big Machine Records, which included her masters. This created a big stink that ended with Braun selling Swift's masters to Shamrock Holdings for $300 million, leaving Swift without the licensing rights to her original work.

To combat this, Swift began re-recording her earlier work in November 2020 under the banner "Taylor's Version," and these albums have sold incredibly well. With this move, Swift managed to retain control of her masters and licensing for commercial use, meaning she finally owned her back catalog, albeit in a slightly different and roundabout way. Regardless, this put Swift in possession of her most expensive asset: her music.

Swift's masters are worth a lot of money, which is understandable given how well her albums sell. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Swift's masters are worth between $400 and $500 million, making them the most expensive thing she owns. Also, the value of Swift's masters will likely only go up as she continues recording new material, so there's little doubt she owns anything worth anywhere close as much as her masters.