How Marjorie Taylor Greene's Boyfriend Landed In A Scandal

Marjorie Taylor Greene has long been incredibly outspoken in her complaints about drag performers, and her boyfriend, Brian Glenn, is just as controversial. As such, when old footage of Glenn dressed in drag came to light, it certainly raised a few eyebrows. However, let's just say the couple ... well, they were unmoved.  

ICYMI, Greene has had a lot to say about drag performers over the years. In June 2022, she took to X, then Twitter, to declare, "I'm introducing a bill to make it illegal for children to be exposed to drag queen performances." Two days later, she went on Facebook to complain about a pride event that would include drag queens reading to children. Unsurprisingly, Greene wanted it shut down — but DW, there was no hatred involved. "It is not hateful to say NO and stop Drag Queen story times/shows for children ... It's immoral and irresponsible not to," she wrote in the Facebook post. As for Glenn, well, same vibe. In May 2023, he took to X to misgender Brittney Griner and complain of "men" being allowed in women's sports. 

Given the couple's stance, it was incredibly ironic when, in response to Glenn's attack on Griner, a video of him promoting a play while dressed in drag was posted to the @PatriotTakes X account. However, neither Greene nor Glenn were bothered by the outrage that ensued. In fact, they pretty much glazed over the entire situation. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene found the situation hilarious

To her credit, Marjorie Taylor Greene responded to the viral video swiftly. Granted, based on her response, it was pretty clear she was oblivious as to the reason the video was doing the rounds in the first place. As such, she made a point of noting that she found the situation very LOL-worthy.

"I'm literally lol'ing. @brianglenntv dressed in drag for morning news in Dallas years ago reporting on an upcoming local theatre production and the morons over at Patriot Takes think this is an attack. Brian loves the throwback and is reposting. The left is so stupid," she wrote in an X post. Go off, sis. 

While it was pretty clear to all who watched the clip that Brian Glenn had been in drag for the sake of the newscast, Greene neglected to go into detail as to why he was given a pass for it, but a professional drag queen would not. Nor, for that matter, did she address the fact that the insert was part of a "WFAA Daybreak," a morning broadcast without an age restriction. Given that she'd previously spoken about wanting to stop children being able to see drag shows, we'd have thought she'd think the clarification important. We'll give her the benefit of the doubt, though, and say it probably just slipped her mind. Defs didn't have anything to do with Greene's well-documented shady side

Brian Glenn found the scandal funny, too

As for Brian Glenn, he was just as tickled by the video as his girlfriend had been. In fact, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, he also took to X to share how amused he was. "The things I did for morning show television!! LOVED it and so did the @wfaa @WFAADaybreak viewers. It's a good thing I have a sense of humor!" he quipped.  

Like Greene, Glenn didn't go into the specifics of why it shouldn't be considered hypocritical for him to be in drag in a format kids might see when his girlfriend advocated against it. Nor, for that matter, did he offer any thoughts on how the situation tied in with the fact that the video had been shared in response to him misgendering Brittney Griner and referring to her as a man, despite her never saying she identified that way. 

We have a sneaky suspicion Greene's omission is because he doesn't care ... and those aren't our words. In February 2024, he felt compelled to respond to a viewer who had complained about him using foul language on his Christian network, Right Side Broadcasting. "Be offended, I don't care," he said (via Instagram). He also accused people offended by foul language of not being behind Donald Trump, and that they shouldn't be focused on the words he used. All we really have to say is yikes.