Why Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband Claims The TV Star Owes Him Money

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter were married for over two decades before calling it quits, but if Williams had it her way, she would have ditched him much sooner. Despite a persistent string of cheating rumors, the couple stayed together until 2019, when news surfaced that Hunter had a child with another woman. But while they both decided to do away with alimony, Hunter is of the mind that Williams still owes him money, and he's not shy about demanding every dollar he thinks he's due.

When Williams pulled the plug on their marriage in April 2019, the divorce proceedings had been messy, to say the least. Hunter initially demanded "rehabilitative and permanent alimony," and even went as far as to ask Williams to foot his legal bills and shell out child support for their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., according to documents obtained by E! News. Nine months later, they ended up nixing the alimony and agreed to divvy up the profits from the sale of their marital home. Their settlement also included a $250,000 check from Williams to Hunter to help him "secure new living arrangements," plus Hunter signing over his stake in Wendy Williams Productions Inc. to Williams in exchange for a lump sum of an undisclosed amount, in addition to a severance payment, as Page Six reported.

Apparently, Williams kept up with the severance payouts long after finalizing their divorce. But Hunter claims the payments stopped when Williams was placed under guardianship, prompting him to seek further compensation.

Kevin has stopped receiving payments from Wendy

It didn't take long for Kevin Hunter to confess to being financially dependent on Wendy Williams. Despite retaining his business interests and fancy cars post-divorce, he admitted he was practically tethered to Williams' bank account, thanks to the regular payouts. When those payments halted in February 2022 — coinciding with Wells Fargo deeming Williams as an "incapacitated person" needing guardianship — Hunter found himself in a financial slump. By November 2022, with Williams under official guardianship, Hunter took things to court, asking his ex-wife's guardian "to make payments as contractually required under the MSA and Severance Agreement."

Per documents obtained by The U.S. Sun at the time, he admitted to drowning in unpaid bills. He was behind on homeowner association fees, car insurance, and credit card bills, and even faced the potential foreclosure of his home. "My life has been greatly affected since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement," he said. However, a judge waved off his claims as "not emergent" and dismissed his application "without prejudice," according to the outlet.

Hunter seems ready to battle on. In March 2024, after a round of unsuccessful mediation, he was back at it, demanding money from Williams yet again. Declaring his financial woes urgent, he asked the court to coerce his ex to cough up overdue severance pay, which was around two years' worth of payments at that point. Per The U.S. Sun, he noted in his court filing, "I rely on the severance pay for my living expenses and having been without this income for twenty-three months has affected me greatly."

Wendy's guardian believes Wendy overpaid Kevin

Wendy Williams — or rather, her guardian — wasn't about to back down easily. In response to Kevin Hunter's relentless financial demands, Williams' guardian, attorney Sabrina Morrissey, asserted that it was Hunter who owed Williams money. She didn't stop there — she also requested that the court issue a gag order to stop Hunter from airing their dirty laundry in public.

Court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun revealed that Morrissey clarified that "the payments to Mr. Hunter were to terminate if [Wendy's] yearly earned income is less than 2 times her then yearly income (as of February 1, 2020)." Given that Williams had bowed out from her talk show the following year, her full paychecks dried up in October 2021. Her payments to Hunter, however, continued until January 2022. Per Morrissey, Hunter ought to pay Williams back for the excess payouts. "As a result, [Kevin] has been unjustly enriched by the receipt of $112,500 ($37,500 x 3 months) belonging to [Wendy]," the filing read. What's more, Morrissey asked the court to instruct Mr. Hunter "not to speak to the press or others, except for legal advisors, about these matters."

At this point, it appears that both Williams and Hunter are in dire financial straits. Celebrity Net Worth noted that Williams' net worth had plummeted to $5 million and since she is under financial guardianship, she has no direct access to her money. Per the host herself, she is practically broke. "I have no money, and I'm gonna tell you something," she confessed in the "Where is Wendy Williams?" documentary. "If it happens to me, it could happen to you."