Don't Expect To See Alina Habba In Court With Donald Trump During His Hush Money Trial

Donald Trump rolled up to his court case with his legal team, but one person was missing from his group — Alina Habba. Many have grown used to seeing Habba by the former president's side in many of his court appearances, so why wasn't she at this most recent gathering? Well, Habba had a pretty logical reason why she skipped Trump's court case.

Trump is currently facing 34 counts of falsifying business records after his lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels just before the 2016 election wrapped up. In his past legal issues, it's been up in the air whether the former president would show up in court, but this case is different. Trump must attend and has done so alongside his lawyers but is missing Habba.

Unlike Melania Trump, who was missing on Donald's first day in court, Habba wishes she could be there. However, the lawyer's skill set doesn't match this specific case. She told "The Benny Show" that she specializes in civil cases, not criminal cases. This trial is historic as Donald became the first former president to be tried on a criminal charge. She said, "Obviously, you know, being a type A person, I wish I was a criminal attorney but I'm not. But the great news is that, then I can do this and let everybody know what is actually happening." Habba may not be a part of this legal team, but that hasn't stopped her from speaking on the case.

Alina Habba isn't happy about Donald Trump's trial

If there's one person more upset about Donald Trump's criminal case besides Donald himself, it's Alina Habba. Much like Habba flaunts her hefty Trump paychecks, she has flaunted her opinion on the former president's case.

The day after Trump's first court appearance, Habba appeared on Fox News, and the anchors asked whether she thought the businessman would get a fair trial. Habba responded, "No chance. There's no chance of a fair trial here." The lawyer insinuated that Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing the case, could have a pull on how the jury leans and is making the trial more difficult as there were no members of the jury selected after the first day.

Habba continued on a ranting spree when speaking with Sean Hannity on the day the trial kicked off. Habba shared, "This is political. This is election interference." The lawyer believes they're trying to charge Donald because they know the November 2024 election is quickly approaching. Habba then criticized the judge for not allowing accommodations when Donald's team asked for a day off to attend his son, Barron Trump's, graduation. She said, "You're not even allowing a father — never mind a former president — but a father attend his son's graduation? It's just a sad state of affairs for the American people." Habba hasn't been afraid to speak her mind and we can only imagine she will continue to do so as the trial goes on.