Former Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Looks So Different Without Makeup

Kayleigh McEnany looks a lot different when she's not all dolled up for TV.

McEnany may have left her brief post as Donald Trump's press secretary as he departed the White House in 2021, but she quickly moved on to an equally public venue. By March of that year, McEnany had landed a television role with Fox News, the network she has been with for the past three years. As of April 2024, McEnany co-hosts "Outnumbered," alongside fellow Republican correspondents Harris Faulkner and Emily Compagno. Similar to her Instagram welcome post, McEnany usually wears a full face of makeup during her daytime hosting gig. And while everyone's makeup routine varies greatly, you can probably assume this includes foundation, concealer, lipstick, mascara, and lashes.

However, not even McEnany wears makeup 24/7. Over the years, McEnany has been spotted out a few times sans the glam, and like most people, she looks a lot different. In 2021, the Daily Mail published photos of McEnany during the last days of Trump's presidency as she ran errands in Tampa, Florida. During one of the snapshots, McEnany could be seen sporting makeup-free skin and a low bun positioned at the base of her neck. She wore a baby blue racerback top and black shorts — which was a far cry from the business casual attire she usually wears on Fox News. But it wouldn't be the last time!

Kayleigh McEnany lets her hair down on Instagram

Although Kayleigh McEnany's Instagram mostly consists of glitzy shots from her on-air gig with Fox News, she's dedicated a small percentage of her social media feed to more natural photos. Unsurprisingly, she seems to embrace more toned-down looks while at home with her husband Sean Gilmartin, and their two children. McEnany also dresses casually when spending time with her sister, Ryann McEnany. In March 2021, the Fox News host wore what appears to be little to no makeup during a church outing with Ryann and her daughter, Blake. "My sister, @RyannMcEnany, and I accidentally dressed identical for church. At least it made for a good picture! #BabyBlake," Kayleigh captioned the Instagram photo of herself and Ryann wearing matching outfits, down to their jeans, white tees, and faded green jackets!

In December 2022, McEnany ditched her makeup and filters as she posed for photos with her children. The first shot of the Instagram slideshow features McEnany kneeling on the floor holding her newborn as her toddler smiles beside her. The television personality wore zero makeup and long, straight hair as she smiled at the camera. The second photo showed an up-close shot of her makeup-free face as she held her baby and looked off to the side. "A few more no filter pictures from motherhood!" she captioned the slideshow, which concluded with a solo shot of her adorable baby. McEnany also went makeup-free in an October 2021 Instagram post as she spent quality time with her daughter on the couch.

Kayleigh McEnany also goes makeup free on vacation

Kayleigh McEnany also seems to leave her makeup bag at home when she's not on the clock and enjoying her vacations with friends and family. In October 2023, McEnany flaunted her natural face as she toured around San Antonio, Texas. In the Instagram photo, McEnany sported a bare face, pulled back hair, and a large pair of sunglasses as she posed for a photo in front of The Alamo. Although most of her outfit was obscured, she seemed to be dressed in a gray shirt and an oversized, dark blue camouflage jacket or blouse. "Enjoyed my visit to The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas!" she captioned the photo. She also featured a second shot of the historic tourist attraction in the slideshow.

McEnany also went makeup-free as she and her family visited Florida in January 2022. The Fox News host posted an Instagram video of herself, a friend, and her daughter, lounging around on the beach. Aside from sunglasses, a white baseball cap embroidered with an image of the flag, and few face-framing tendrils of hair, McEnany didn't seem to be rocking any external adornments, although it does appear that she got a little extra help from a social media filter in this particular case. "Hey, how's it going? Last day before we all go back to work," said McEnany in the video. "Well, let me tell you guys. We are saying hi from that great state of Florida," McEnany continued before diving into political commentary about U.S. representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).