The Sign Kate Middleton Is Slowly Returning To Her Royal Duties

People have been eager to see Kate Middleton return to the public eye after her abdominal surgery in January 2024. However, a couple of months after going MIA, the Princess of Wales answered the question people had been eager to find out, sharing she had been diagnosed with cancer. After her diagnosis became public, it seemed like all hope that she would return to the spotlight vanished. But Prince William and Kate's latest social media post about a recent tragedy has people thinking she's slowly returning to royal duties.

On April 13, 2024, a man in Sydney, Australia, went on a random stabbing attack at a local shopping mall that resulted in sixth deaths. After news of the incident broke, people from all over the world were sending their condolences to those affected by the tragic situation. Even Prince William and Kate shared a post expressing their deepest sympathies to those impacted by the attack. Posting on an Instagram Story, they shared, "We are shocked and saddened by the terrible events in Sydney earlier today. Our thoughts are with all those affected, including the loved ones of those lost and the heroic emergency responders who risked their own lives to save others." The royals signed off with their initials, "W & C."

Seeing the royal's statement has many believing Kate may return to public duties soon as many have wondered when and if she would come back to the limelight following her cancer diagnosis.

Are we on the brink of Kate Middleton's return?

People are on pins and needles awaiting Kate Middleton's return, but is the timing of her comeback still a mystery, or do we know when the royal will potentially return to the limelight? After Kate revealed her health diagnosis, Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker spilled the tea on the Princess of Wales' comeback. He explained in early April 2024, "What I am hearing from those close to the Princess is that she may well decide to attend certain events if she feels up to it, and if she's keen to go." Walker shared that he doesn't expect Kate to fully return to royal duties until summer. Despite Walker's comments, the public has yet to see Kate since Christmas Day in 2023. But, people might not have to wait much longer for the royal to make a public appearance.

According to a report from the Mirror, Kensington Palace has sought the advice of PR experts on how to handle the Princess of Wales' upcoming schedule. A source told the outlet, "The teams are working round the clock to devise the Princess of Wales's back-to-work plan after weeks of immense pressure. They all know that the world will be watching after weeks of heightened speculation and often outlandish commentary on social media." As for when Kate will return, several reports have said the royal may start making public appearances after April 17, when her kids return to school after holiday.

Prince William has been stepping up to the plate

It's been nothing but unfortunate timing and circumstances for the royal family. King Charles and Kate Middleton were both admitted to the hospital around the same time and were later diagnosed with cancer. The two royals have stepped back from the public eye since their diagnoses — Kate more than Charles — but during this time, Prince William has stepped up to the plate. 

William has been attending more royal events in light of his father and Kate's absence. In early March 2024, he joined Queen Camilla, who's also taken on additional duties, for an event celebrating the commonwealth. Posting to Instagram, they wrote, "The Queen, The Prince of Wales, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, The Princess Royal and other members of the Royal Family attended today's Commonwealth Day Service of Celebration at Westminster Abbey." Days before Kate made her diagnosis public, William took on another public outing visiting soldiers to talk about rehabilitation. 

However, since Kate's announcement, William has taken on a different sort of responsibility. An insider told Express that William opted out of a royal event to care for his wife. They said, "Attending the CHOGM is not something William can take on at this time due to Kate's health..." No matter what, family comes first, even before royal events, as Prince William tries to balance it all.