Caitlin Clark's Glam Appearance On SNL Has Heads Turning

So, when is Caitlin Clark getting her own Barbie doll? While the Iowa Hawkeyes GOAT didn't end her college career with a national title, she went out on a high note by scoring an invite to appear alongside Ken himself, Ryan Gosling, on "Saturday Night Live." Clark can look so different when she wears makeup, and while she did get a bit glammed up for the show, she still stayed true to her signature sporty style. She also proved why she deserves to be the face of her sport.

The future WNBA star made a surprise appearance on the "Weekend Update" segment. Clark's eye makeup was dark but subtle, she had on a minimal amount of blush, and she sported dark pink lipstick in a natural shade. She ditched the ponytail that fans are used to seeing swishing around on the court in favor of a sleek hairstyle with a center part, and her brunette tresses were ridiculously shiny and smooth. She used the platform she was given to give a shout-out to the female basketball pros she has looked up to, including her personal fave Maya Moore, and fans were here for it. "She gave credit to the women who paved the way for her to be as successful as she is and she looked gorgeous doing it," tweeted one viewer.

Clark's outfit choice had some people scratching their heads, however — they wanted to know why she appeared to be repping the Nebraska Cornhuskers instead of her team.

Caitlin Clark's coat was a Nike design

Instead of wearing Hawkeye yellow on "SNL," Caitlin Clark sported a black letterman jacket with white trim and an "N" patch. The letter confused some viewers because it looked like the Nebraska Cornhuskers' logo. However, sports photographer Bri Lewerke tweeted that the coat was a Nike design that retails for $550. Clark earned some hefty paychecks during her college career through name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals, and Nike was one of her biggest sponsors.

Fans will likely see similar promotional fashion statements from Clark once she goes pro. There's been some chatter about Clark getting humbled when she joins the WNBA, but her endorsement deals aren't going anywhere. The brands she works with could change, however. Her deal with Nike was set to expire when her college career ended, so the company will have to compete with other brands to convince Clark to keep wearing its famous swoop. "She'll be regarded as one of the greatest gets of all time for the brand that gets her," a shoe company exec told The Athletic. She may follow in the footsteps of other athletes by collaborating with a brand on her own line of merch, and she's already made one custom creation for "Weekend Update" co-anchor Michael Che.

Why Caitlin Clark was the Saturday Night Live MVP

Sure, it was hilarious seeing Ryan Gosling trade his perfect Ken hair for Beavis' tall blond fro on "Saturday Night Live," but Caitlin Clark won the night by taking Michael Che to school and teaching him a hard lesson: Some of his jokes about women's sports are sexist. The comedian has been criticized for targeting female athletes in the past; when Che reposted cruel jokes about gymnast Simone Biles on social media, there were even calls for him to be fired. But Che is just a benchwarmer, so he was forced to admit to Clark that he can't do what she does. However, this wasn't enough to save him from getting posterized by the talented baller.

Clark made Che recite some jokes that she wrote for him, and while he did laugh, he also seemed a bit uncomfortable roasting himself. "The Indiana Fever have the first pick in this Monday's draft," Che read. "A reminder that Indiana Fever is a WNBA team and not what Michael Che gave to dozens of women at Purdue University."

Before introducing Clark to the "SNL" audience, Che had joked about the University of Iowa retiring her jersey and replacing it "with an apron" (via Today). So, Clark left the comic with a parting gift: an autographed pink apron. When Che said he planned on gifting it to his girlfriend, Clark dunked on him again by saying, "You don't have a girlfriend, Michael."