The Sign Kimberly Guilfoyle Still Gets Along With Her Son's Father

Fox News correspondent Kimberly Guilfoyle is currently engaged to Donald Trump Jr., but the former prosecutor has already done the marriage thing twice before. Guilfoyle's first husband was Gavin Newsom, the former Mayor of San Francisco and current Governor of California. Between these two relationships, Guilfoyle met and married Peloton designer Eric Villency, the father of her only son. The former couple tied the knot in St. James, Barbados on May 27, 2006, according to their wedding announcement in the New York Times. Their nuptials were officiated by Reverend Ricky Kirton. The announcement described Eric as the president and chief executive of Maurice Villency, his family-owned furniture empire.

That same year, Guilfoyle gave birth to their son, Ronan Anthony Villency. Guilfoyle gave birth to Ronan — who was born at just under eight pounds — at New York Hospital. Unfortunately, the little family wasn't intact very long, as Guilfoyle's marriage to Eric lasted just under three years. The couple filed for divorce in November of 2009. At the time, Ronan was only two years old. The outlet also reported that the couple planned to share custody of the then-toddler, and also maintain a friendship. Surprisingly, it appears that both Guilfoyle and Eric have more than kept their promise.

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Villency get along

It's been around 15 years since Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Villency parted ways, but they've maintained a healthy relationship. During a 2015 interview with Mediate Guilfoyle spoke highly of Eric's family when discussing how to maintain healthy post-divorce relationships. "My second husband, Eric Villency, is the father of my beautiful boy Ronan Anthony," said Guilfoyle. "Even though we're divorced, I'm still very close with his family. Even when people don't stay married, they can still be a family together. That's been something that's been really good for developing me as a person." She continued, "It's been a very positive learning experience. When you go through divorce with children you don't make it about you, make it about that child. Eric and I both want a positive environment for our son."

In 2016, Guilfoyle showed her ex-husband a little birthday love on Facebook. "Happy Birthday to Eric Villency — proud father of our beautiful son Ronan... Loving these flashback pictures your mom posted!" Guilfoyle wrote alongside Eric Villency's past cover shoot for Cosmopolitan, where he posed shirtless. He also posed alongside other models in a group shot. The original post, uploaded by Eric's mother, Rowann Villency, was captioned, "#TBT Happy almost birthday! Remembering your Cosmo calendar cover and playing Twister on the View! Time flies."

Kimberly posts Eric out on social media

Over the past few years, Kimberly Guilfoyle has posted Eric Villency on social media a handful of times, usually when they gathered together to celebrate their son, Ronan Villency. Guilfoyle posted a family photo of herself, Eric, and Ronan when the teenager graduated from the eighth grade in 2021. In the Instagram snap, Guilfoyle can be seen happily standing on one side of Ronan, while Eric stands on the other. "Congratulations Ronan on graduating 8th grade! High school is next we are so proud of you!" wrote Guilfoyle, who included the same photo in Ronan's 16th birthday Instagram slideshow. "Happy 16th birthday Ronan! LOVE YOU," posted the mother-of-one in 2022.

In 2018, Guilfoyle honored Eric's entrepreneurial career by reposting a highlight of an interview where he spoke about his fitness empire. "Very proud of Ronan's dad, @ericvillency for an amazing interview and career!" wrote Guilfoyle alongside Eric's interview, further proving that they're close. That said, the public shoutouts have been more than a little one-sided, as Eric hasn't said or posted much about his ex-wife in recent years. However, he has posted Roonan to Instagram from time to time. For example, in March 2023, Eric posted a few snaps from his and Ronan's vacation to the Snowbird Ski resort.